Do what you love!

I’m a blogger. And i do tht for three reason: i have plenty of time now, i have lot say, this hard will to talk with other, because i don’t wanna work for a stupid boss anymore and because i love it. And the last point is the one i want to talk about.

Because this world turns around money: without money you can do nothing. So, if you want to pay the bill, buy food, a house, a car, have a family and fullfil your desire, money is the only thing that allows you to do that. And the only way to make money is to have a job. This is a very crucial part. To make money you can do two things: work for yourself or work for someone else. Given the fact that work for yourself is really complicated path, all of us decided to work for someone else.

From the moment you sign the contrat, you will still feel inside your heart and mind that you are wasting your time. And you are wasting your time: your boss will never appreciate you, you will be paid a misery, you will be used until you can use your very last drop of energy in your body and, once you can do your job anymore, you will be fired without even a thank you. I personally lived that three times and i see people live that miserable moment. So, my question is: why still looking for another job without a plan B?

If you have a passion, a talent or a creative mind why don’t you try to express yourself? Why don’t you start your own business? I know it sound absolutely insane, but hear me out: you have got nothing to lose! I’m not saying that you not have to stop looking for a job and do that full-time, that would be insane for real, but start to do your thing in the meantime. Don’t waste your opportunity to do something great. You are at home, with a lot of time, why don’t you invest your evengy and effort in something you would really love to do? I’m not saying that you will be rich and famous, maybe you will fail, but at least you will not have the regret at the end…and this is something i personally can’t live with.

Start small, step by step. You know already what you love, just start to think what could be a good way to express yourself and where to spread your message. Then just do it! Don’t try to find reason not to, because you would lie to yourself. In the beginning will be hard, because there’s a lot to do and, with a job, finding a goodd balance is never easy, but think about it as an investment: maybe you will have nothing, but maybe that hobby or passion will bring you where you have always dreamed of to be. As i said, you have got nothing to lose. Better try and fail (it’s life), then never try and love with a regret for the rest of your life!

Just think about it. What do you have to lose?


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