How to improve politcs??

When we talk about politcs, I hear always the same things: they are liar, they don’t do what they promised and they are there just to sitting on their chair and do nothing. Well, you are wrong, because you are missing the point: politics is not a mission anymore, I don’t even know if it has never been, but a career with lots or money on the table.

Politics was never a mission that someone feel to must accomplish. It never was. Politics is a way to gain power and money. We see politics in the very wrong way, because we think that if you vote someone, that someone has to do what you vote hir or her for. It doesn’t work like that! Think about election as a job interview: every single voter is the boss and they have to choose between candidates and who wins will get the job. But then, the winner doesn’t really care about you. Absolutely not. The only thing the candidate wanted is having the job and make another step in his or her career. Then the only thing he will do is making sure to have the necessary power and support to be re-elected. Everything it has been done for the community is only to gain voters. Nothing more, nothing less.

And to have that support, politicians use different strategy and will think of different reform. And often this reform are not good for you, but good for other. The reason is simple: with that specific reform the politician has made someone happy, someone important for his work and maybe for the re- election. And you are wondering, why politics does not make you happy! Because you are worthless. You don’t count as single person, but you will count if you have the support of hundreds of thousand of people with the same problem. In that case, those number will help you to get what you want from politics, not because they care of your problem, absolutely not, but because you all would be potential voters he or she will lose if he or she didn’t do anything for you. This is how politics works. I think it really cute when one person screams on the strest against the politics because he’s angry. And you know what the politician thinks in that moments? “A worthless person is saying something worthless in my ears!” This is what politician will think if you are on the street, screaming like an idiot.

Do you want improve your situation? Make sure to have a huge support. The biggest, the better. Only then you can drive straight to Washington, Rome, London or wherever you can find your parliament and demand something, because you have in your pocket maybe hundreds of thousand of votes. I find really funny when a group of 50 maybe 100 people demands from the president something. Really? A country has tenths of millions of people. Do you really thing that 100 less voters are crucial? No, they are not.

But, for some reason, we don’t understand that we don’t want to accept the fact that politics is a job and politicians will do something only if they see a benefit for themselves. Do you want to change things? Be the leader or be part of a huge group, then you can change things around you. Otherwise, you have to live with what politics gives you. It is what it is. As soon as we change this mentality, everything


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