The Perfect Boss: How it should be!

I have had only three jobs in my life and all them were a huge failure and probably a big mistake. However, i had to deal with collegues, who i often didn’t stand at all, and with another creature: the boss. The one, who leads the entire company and will pay you, often not as a much as you deserve. However i am asking myself: how the perfect boss should be?

Let me thing…he’s leading a company and he has to do with people. The first thing comes in my mind is vision. He must be competent and he must understand the market, the trends and what the competition is doing to try something new and be better and always a step in front of the competitors. More importan than that, the decision the boss takes must be taken thinking about the employees: it’s not good busines if the boss makes a risky invenstement and people must be fired because the investement goes wrong. Oh, and he must thing about the future: if one leads a company thinking about the past and the present it’s not good. Learn from yesterday, enjoy today and build the tomorrow. This is the right mentality: all the money earned must be reinvested in new technology, new processes, advanced trainings for the employees and better incomes for the people who are working for you.

Talking about people. A boos doesn’t necessary be emphatic, but he or she must understand the employees’ needs. Even if one often forget, we are talking human being, with specific problem, family, handicaps etc… The boss’ duty is to make sure to make everyone as happy as possible, because happy employees are more productive employees. Almost always, the quality is much better than quantity. It’s stupid to pay frustraded and unproductive people. One has to listen and act accordingly, trying everything possible to create a happy and satisfying place to work. It doesn’t happeny anywhere, but i stil believe that one day, bosses around the world will start to treat their employee with the respect and kindness they deserve. Just move on, i’m getting sad.

I said before listen, an unknown word when we talk about chairmans or bosses. And i think to know the reason behind it: listen equal weakness. I think that listen equal wisdom, but whatever! Maybe i am too naive. A company leader surrounds himself with competent and qualifyied people and the more qulifiey those people are, the better. If those people are so cool, why do the 99% of the company suck? Because the boss doesn’t listen at all. He hired a stuff just to fell important, but then all the decision are taken by him, only him, without even listening the people around him or her, people paid for not making the job they should do: advising and helping. If i hire someone to help me taking the decision, i listen to this person. What a waste of money and talent!

Do you really think that this kind of creature, such as bosses with vision, a little bit of emphatie and ability to listen, exists for real? I doubt that, but never say never!


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