What I have learn from Covid-19 so far??

When the Covid-19 pandemic started to spread through the entire world, it was amzing to observe people, leaderships all around the world and how these two faces of the same coin have been acting in this difficult times. Let me tell you something: we are a bunch of idiots!

In the first weeks lots of leader and politician have understimated virus, saying “oh, it will never come in Europe and USA”, “it’s just a flu” and “it’s not so bad!” forgetting one particular thing: globalisation. Everyone goes everywhere in these days. And you know what? We’ve had a first case in Europe and in the USA, then a second, a third, a fourth. Now worldwide we have something like 38 millions cases and 1 millions deaths. But the virus should not come in Europe and USA, so people sayd.

As soon as we see that the situation were out of control, all the Countries decided to lock everthing down, forcing people to stay home, stay safe and move outside only for specific reasons. In this specific moment, it was the best thing to do and the logic should have told us to stay home as much as possible just to protect us and the people around. Well, absolutely not! Because people, out of nowhere, started to protest saying that forcing people to stay home is against the individually freedoms. Freedoms? Stop with that BS: we have freedoms as long as the government allow us to have those precious freedom. Once the leader say “people don’t need freedoms” and the parliament is ok with that, you know where you can stick your so loved freedoms?

The longer we went into the pandemic, the more i observed our true nature. For some reason, people started to say that this virus is not real, but only a way to control us. Let’s start from the first point: the virus doesn’t exists. I probably know what’s going on here: when we are afraid or scared we tend not to see what makes us afraid of scary. So we deny that something bad exists, because if it you don’t see it, then doesn’t exist. Life doesn’t work like that. There’s a problem, a big one, and we have to face the fact that we have to deal with it, you like it or not. The problem is that those people doesn’t follow the rules, just because they believe that it’s all false, and put in danger other around them. It’s not cool. And there’s something more stupid!

What makes me laugh is that some communities are telling publicly that this “pandemic” is only a way to control us. Here i have a couple of question: why should a country lose tenths of billion of dollars just to control you? Why the government should not allow you to go to the stadium, to the club, on vacation? More important, what kind of control? I really don’t understand. I would, but i can’t. I don’t think that politics, the leadind corporation of moneygrabbing, would be so happy to lose money. It’s stupid only thinking about it, because that doesn’t make any sense.

And i want to finish with a confirm. The conform that we are not able to follow rules properly and we have to do thing on our terms, thinking that we are smarter than doctors and expert, who know more that anyone else about viruses and pandemics. Wear mask, keep social distance and wash your hand…simply rules, and we are not even able to follow them. This is stupid.

Asteroid, i know you are in the space. Can you just hit this planet? Thank you!


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