Get Inside a Man’s Head!

I wrote prevoiusly about what a woman really want and how to know it. Today i would like to talk what a man really want and how to know it. Well, as a man myself, i can tell you, my dear ladies, my little experience of being a man.

Saying that men wants only one thing is actually not true…because we want all we see and we imagine. Listen, i know that it doesn’t sound amazing, but a man is physically attracted to a woman and, if we like what we see, then we might start to talk with her. The more a lady is not dressed, the better is for us! Oh, and if you are big in the strategical parts, it’s useless to hide them: we see everything and through clothes! In those moment, we get superpowers!

About talking…i say we might talk, because man are wimp! Yes, we look cool with other men, but 90% of us is scared to talk, not because we are scary, but sometimes we have no idea what to say…and in this situation ladies don’t help at all, we must be honest right here! You, laides, love to make our tries miserable.

Talking about me, i am personally super shy when i have to talk with a woman. To be honest, i am terrifyied!!No,i’m joking. Let’s say that i am not the most confident man in this universe and i struggle a lot when i have to “break the ice”! And like me, there are hundreds of thousand of men like me. It’s a nightmare, because you have in your mind this conversation, but you can’t do that and then that woman ends up with another guy, living a happy and amazing life…thinking that that guy could be me. We are not all monkeys!

Oh, about monkey: not every man wants to have sex at the first date! It sounds crazy, but it’s the truth! I personally don’t like the idea too much, because there’s a huge risk of failure. There are actually men who wants to have a pleasent time with his date and then a romantic way to end it (yes, we are also romantic)! Why no sex? There are men who struggles to build confidence when they have to have sex at the first date, with almost a stranger. It’s not usual, but it can happen. On the other side, however, plenty of men want to use their “love’s hammer” as soon as possible and that’s very, very, very bad for business, because first date=bad sex…unless the woman doesn’t ask first, in that case, green light!

A man wants to build a family, but we are terrifyed of commitment. We freak out when we hear the world marriage, family and baby. Trust me, plenty of men wants to spend their lives with a wonderful woman and cute kids, maybe in a cottage, in a sub burb. I personally think about that a lot. There’s only one problem: if i onlysay the word marriage, all the horrible story of tragid ends, rebel kids, stress, boredom, anxiety, sleppless nights and only God knows what come in my mind i wet my pants. I got overwhelmed by all of this…maybe this is why i don’t wanna marry my future fiancè. Don’t get me wrong, if i had a strong relationship with a woman, i would stay with her forever, but i will avoid marriage as much as i can. Don’t ask me why…man can probably understand! We just hate the cerimony!

Oh…and we don’t “just watch porn”! Porn is religion and we don’t just watch it, we learn from it, we grow with it and we become man thanks to it. It’s like going to church and we pray…not in the christian way, but we pray! (And i am sure, that after those sentence, the Popw will send me the excommunication i have been waiting for my entire life!

Ladies, give me a favour: don’t say that men are all the same…because we are not! Trust me!


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