Let gay couples have Kids!

I am a huge fan of personal freedoms. And i am even more fan of personal freedom when we talk about gay and the entire LGBTQ community. However the discussion gets pretty rough when we put the words gay, family and, especially kids in the same sentence with a positive meaning. It seems that people are really scared of gay be happy and i really don’t know why.

For what i’m concerned, i don’t even know why we are so scared of even think about it. We are used to see family in a very traditional way a woman: a man, a woman, some good quality sex, she gets pregnant and the a baby comes to the world. And in a biological way, you are right. I mean, two women or two men can’t physically have a baby. But we are living in a society with laws and rules that we, human being, make. Think about abortion; naturally, if the woman is healthy, is pretty hard to have a spontaneous abortion, but governement have decided to “breake the natural rules” and give women the opportunity to interrupt the pregnancy, when they need. So, as you can see, society is able to move over the natural rules and create new ones. The question is: why must for gay couples be different?

We all know why: Catholic Church is a cancer that we sometimes are unable to destroy. It’s because of those bunch of liars that some people are treated differently than other, despite all the Constititions all around the world tell a completely another story. The Church protects the “traditional family” as the Bible tells to do. But countries doesn’t follow the Bible, but the Constitution. And in the Constitution, freedoms and rights are the same for everybody. Which means that if a mam and a woman can erase a kid together, the same right must be ensured by gay couples (same treatment because we are not racist…aren’t we?)

We have nothing to lose. Why? Let me explain. Family made by man and woman are good, but also have prooved that they might be really evil. Between, sexual abused, mistreatment hatred, disresptect, humiliation and any respect for the kids life whatsoever, we have lot or cases where the so called “traditional family” have failed amazingly. On the other side, however, there’s no statistic, a completely white paper. My question is: why don’t let gay couple try? If, after all the precautions and tests possible to check their ability to be good parents, a gay couple is declair fit to be parents, why don’t try? There are so many kids without parent who need only a place to call home and two lovely people to call parents. Does it make any difference is the couple is a straight or a gay couple?

I don’t think so. If a baby will become a criminal is not because we grew in a gay family. The reason are to be searched somewhere else. It’s stupid that for lot of us, even with the power to change the rules, they follow the Bible instead of Constitution…and pilitician and swear by the Constitution!


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