Our FREEDOMS are only an “ILLUSION”!

This post will not be a depressed one. This is not my intention. However with this Cocid-19 pandemic, people are getting angry because government around the world are using “extreme measure” to fight back a really hard virus to fight, limiting personal freedoms. And, of course, some “smart minds” are thinking that all this limitation are made for controlling us. But freedoms are not something written in the stone!

Modern world is made by rules that we have to respect. We can like them or not, but we have to respect them. More than that, we are not alone and we have to live with others. Now, as long as the situation is normal, there’s no need for a country to limit any kind of freedom , because a move like that would bring disappointment, protests and a huge loss of votes…and we now how much politician want to be re-elected, and nobody is concerned too much about the topic. In a sort of standard situation, politics will do everthing in their power to protect and improve everyone’s freedom.

But, something unexpected happens and people are in dangeroud, like a pandemic. The problem is not what it is, but the effects. In this pandemic, basically our freedoms are getting other people sick and killing some of them. So, the governments around the world has limited our freedoms, the main reason why we are getting sick and die. That brings to the light a truth that we should know, but we never realised: freedom is something given, but also something one can take away fror us as well. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In a country with a government, it’s necessary that politics has this kind of tool.

If freedoms would be something holy and untouchable, we would have anarchy, where everyone does everything, without any kind of regarding with other’s freedom, health or safety. It would be a mess, a disaster an the end of the life we used to have. “My freedom end where yours begins!” this is how we should think. Which means that if my freedoms damage yours, and viceversa, politics has to limit my freedom to protect you and viceversa. They have to. That doesn’t mean now that democrazy is dead. It only means that everything is temporary and can change pretty fast. If politics didn’t have limited freedoms around the world, the situation would be way much better than that…probably you or one of your beloved would not be alive right now.

For that reason i say that freedoms are just an illusion, because with just one vote we can lose them. It’s, of course, up to us to control the government and see if the limitations are justifyed or not! That’s important. But protesting because you can meet your friends or you can date women or you can act like a monkey in a club is unnecessary!


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