Adult Entertainment: Opportunity or Waste or Time?

Everythins started few days ago, when i posted my thought about nudity. Everthing was fine, until i received the following comment from “Image, Earth and Travel” Blog: “I’m not on instagram but get your point. The human body is beautiful but porn is ugly”. Why is porn so bad? Why is porn the elephant in the room?

If you don’t know what the elephant in the room is, it means that it’s something you know exists but you don’t want to see it. I’m wondering why? Now, i’m not gonna tell anything moral about this society and something like that. This is not the point. However, i don’t actually understand why adult entertainment is so bad seen by lot of people.

Just don’t think for one second about the entire “hot side of the business” where you see naked body moving and sweating together. What do you have left? You have two or more people who perform in front of a camera and they are paid for it. Basically they are actors or performers. The better they are and look, the higher they paid. The same happens for Hollywood or Bollywood. That’s it. Yes, what they do on camera might be controversial, maybe disgusting, weird, too hard to watch or amazing, awesome, super hot and exciting, Everyone can have differents opinions and this is the wonderful things of being uniques.

You can believe it or not, but there are people around the world that make lot of money out of it: Danika Mori in Italy, Leonie Pur or Lucycat in Germany, Dani Daniels or Asa Akira in America are only few names who actually make money doing this kind of content. It’s a pure business and, if you are good in that, you can make lot of money through donation, subscription and advertisings. Is it not a good way to live, because it’s immoral? Well, luckly for us religion doesn’t rule countries and we are free to do what we want with our body. Let me ask you something: if you are beautiful, you love doing certain thing and there are platform that pay you for that thing you love to do, why should you not try?

You can like this way to live or not, it’s your choice, but you have also the freedom not to watch it. I don’t understand people who insults. Insulting or judging is stupid and proove to me two things: you are incoherent, if you watch and judge; non sense if you judge and don’t watch.

I personally think that it’s great thing that woman can choose what to do with thier body. Adult entertainment is also an expression of women’s freedoms, because they can use their body as they want. It’s a very good thing. If you ask me, adult entertainment is an opportunity.

What’s your opinion about that?


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