Gay Marriage: a RIGHT TO GIVE?

Just a little game: what do you see in the post’s picture? I tell you what i see: i see just two person in love who want to decide of their relationship and life. Nothing more, nothing less. However, in many, many, too much countries this kind of discussion is always something legislators don’t wanna do. Then my question: why is gay marriage a no-go?

I’m not gay, if you are wondering. I just don’t like that people in a country has to be treated not equally, just because they are different. More than that, this probably the stupidest problem ever. If we talk about the LGBTQ community, everything might be solved in few days: a government write a bill in favor on gay family and marriage and let them vote by the parliament. The same happens for immigrants, taxes and all the things that have to be fixed, but people in power don’t want to.

I don’t want let my personal feeling talk about all the bad treatment of the miniroty in a society, because i would write a post full of insults, blasphemies and swearings. I will let my mind speak for this specific content and for once in my life!

If i were a president i would have two duties: make my country happy and be re-elected. Those two things are completery: if you make people happy, they will re-vote you and the more people are happy, the higher the opportunity to keep the power you have. So politics works. Even more important is to have a good relationship with the minority as well, because they are both voters and maybe very powerful to lead a community in a specific way.

In this specific case, the LGBT Community has been asking since years to do something to legalize the gay marriage. They are not asking to take control of everybody’s mind and they don’t demand that from now on we are all gay or lesbian, but only a law to make sure that same-gender-couple were allowed to get marriade and finally exercise one of thier rights given by the Constitutions. Because Gay have the same duties of a straight person, but not the same right. This is racism, my dear friend. You might not like to be called in this way, but you are racist if you don’t want that Gay and lesbian get married!

Gay marriage is seen as probably the worst thing in nature. Well, luckly for us that the rules of nature have nothing to do with a society. I tell you why gay marriage must be done: they don’t limit your freedom, equality is achieved, people are happy and with weddings, money will be invested in the local economy. I mean, i sound even stupid myself to write those obvious things, but for some reason, it seem’s that they are not so obvious after all! We are in the 21st Century and in lot of aspect we still locked in the 13th Century. So sad…

What do you think? Are you in favor or not of Gay marriage?


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