Does Getting older suck?

It’s amazing how people everywhere are trying to avoid something they actually can’t: getting old. It seems that being old is the worst thing could happen to all of us. And the most fascinating thing is the following: we are getting old. Yes, and we can’t do nothing against it. Actually, since birth we are getting older, if you thing abou it. But why is so scared to have grey hair and wrinkles?

The point is that we are scare not to be able to do what we are use to do in our “golden age”. Lot of us think that we, once you are 60, 70 or 80 years old, have to stay home all day long, watching tv and waiting for the end. It’s an enteresting and depressing way to live. Especially thinking of other old people out there and to the amazing healthcare and medicine we have,

I am of the opinion that age only a number and we can have a hell of a life, even if we are not 30 anymore. And my idea is reality: how many “oldies” run marathons, jump from an airplane or do crazy, funny and very dangerous things? A lot. Often those ladies and gentlement are more active and have a better life that those who are young but they are wasting their lives looking for something they can’t have or reach.

It’s fascinating to see that as long as you are young you think to have the entire life to do thing, but then when you realised that yout youth is going away you start to have a freaking fear. And that’s the point.

We have fear to get old, because we will not be able to do what we always wanted in the middle of our lives. Once we become adult, we have lots of dream and thing we would want to do, but for many reeason we are not able to do. Between work, family and problem of every sort, time we use for ourselves is never enough and we have to give up to our dream momentarily. The problem that this “momentarily” lasts for months, years or even decades. and when we have time, maybe we don’t have the mental energy to do that anymore.

We should treat ourrselves with more respect and live our lives how we want, not how people around us decided want. How many of us want to do a risky thing (not necessarely and dangerous one), but you don’t do that, because people around you tell you not to? A lot, maybe even you, my dear reader!

Live easy, enjoy you life and never be afrai of aging! You can still do lot of thing! If you have a still very well working brain, if you are in shape, because you treated your body with respect, and you have time, even with 60 you can achieve things, awesome things! As i said, age is only a number. What’s important is how you feel inside your mind, soul and heart!


4 thoughts on “Does Getting older suck?”

  1. A very interesting and valuable perspective! Thank you for sharing Mauro. I truly believe that getting older can be a blessing. Yes, you experience physical and mental change, but this is more of a transitional stage. It is a transformation that prepares you for the next stage of life. Older people are not naive or blind to the ways of the world and the best thing we can do as younger people is to be receptive to the stories of truth they tell. With age comes perspective, self assurance and the innate knowing that being yourself is all you need for fulfilment. It becomes clearer where your priorities lie, you are able to see the bigger picture and you only direct your thoughts and energy towards matters of importance.

    Anyhow, I’m so glad I came upon your blog! You’re a very insightful writer and I’m happy to be following along with your journey as of now.


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