Is Talent Everything?

I’m a blogger and i have two “duties” to fullfil: i must write in a pleasent way and communicate perfectly to others my ideas, thoughts and positions about something. However, there are blogger bigger or better than me. I’m not humble, it’s true. What does make a blog more successful than another, when they talk about the same topic?

Well, talent is part of the answer. But what is talent? For me talent is the ability to do something perfectly and naturally, without learning how to do, what you do perfectly, before in your life. Not all of us have this gift, but when you have it, everything will be easier and you can really be the best, because you might be capable of thing that anyone around you would be able to do and introducing move, way to write or things never seen before.

But, is it the only thing that matter to be great? Well, no. I’m not jealous or i’m trying to belittle something amazing, because i don’t have it. I’m fermly convinced that with only talent you go until a certain point, but you will never be able to make that final step to the greatness. What the missing thing? Don’t you get it? It’s the hard work. Not the hard work generally talking, but all the learning process to improve your skill, how to use it and control it. You have to think about talent as a raw diamon: amazing, but it’s not ready; there’s potencial to worth millions, but you have some work to do on it. You have to smooth those sharpy cornes, clean from the dirty parts and help to shine brither than the sun.

How does this work last? Well, a lot. It depends on how big that diamond is. If it’s a microscopic piece of diamond, the work will be fast, easy; if you have a diamond as big as the XBOX X, well, your work will be longer, harde but in the end absolutely a one-of-a-kind piece of beauty. There’s always something to smooth, to clean and to make brither. And the more you get into the process, the harder will be to improve more, because you will not have a huge margin of improvment.

Talent is huge help, for sure, but it’s not the only thing you need to shine. You can’t afford to depend only on that, because you will be cool for a limited amoundt of time, then people will start to ger boring ad forget about you if you don’t work hard. Sorry, but if you want to have success, you have to go and get it!


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