My Blog’s Weekly Report #2: simply insane!

This week has been brilliant. I am actually still surprised of all it. In my very first Weekly Review, I told you that during that week i struggled pretty much to make my blog visible. Well, this week is not the case…at all.

The first day started pretty slow, continuing the trend of slightly grow I was observing since 4 days. Then on tuesday something happened: without posting anything, I had already reached my “visit record”…and it was only 8.30 AM. I thought “what happens? What’s going on?” And I still have no idea how it was possible. However it was a good way to start the day. Then I did my daily job and, at the end of the day, for the first time i broke the wall of the 100 daily views. Let me tell you: that was great. I opened my blog two weeks ago and seeing this results it’s motivating me a lot. And the same happened the next three days, reaching once again the 100 daily views daily.

But the week wasn’t over. Meanwhile the views going crazy, even the number of likes grew pretty much. And, on Thurday morning, I received the 200th likes overall, 129 only in this week! That was great, because not only you read what i have to say, but you like them. Those numbers are not only numbers but very important indicators, because it means that it seems i am improing my writing skills. And this is a strong motivation for me to move forward and try to improve and be better every day. There’s much to do, but with this support, sky’s the limit! At the end of the week i broke the wall both of the 500 views and of 350 visitors overall!

I hope next week to write about even more amazing results that we are achieving together, because without you i would not be able to do what i’m doing and achieve those results!! Keep going like that!!


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