Money for everybody!

Reading someone else’s blogs is sometimes a very great source of inspiration. I was looking for something interesting to read, when something captured my attention: it was a post where the blogger wrote that for him was a great idea to give a certain amout of money to everyone, just because they live in the country. Then i thought: is it really a cool thing to do?

Absolutely not. Not because i am a bad person, but that would mean bankruptcy. Think about one country in the world. Let’s take as example the United States, because they are not so big and not so small. In the United States live 328 200 000 people. Now, think that every month every single person, no matter how old, receives from the government 1000 dollar to buy some food and maybe pay the bills. It means that every month the US government has to spend 328 200 000 000 dollar, 3.938.400.000.000 every year. Do you really thing that a country can afford such a huge investment in the long term? Because this is the problem: you can start with this plan and they shut it down after a couple of years, because poeple maybe will base thier plans with that income. It’s insane olny to think about it.

There are a lot of people who are really convinced that this is the way to solve every problem of poverty. It’s not, because anyone will pay taxes on that income (for obvious reasons) and even if they do, the State will not have back the entire amount, but only a tiny part. Also those people say that this money might help the economy because people can start to buy things. Are we sure about it? Because if i were poor, and all of a sudden i received 1000 dollar, i will not spend them for sure, but i will keep them safe, just because i would be scare to lose them all and come back living on the street.

Rich people would have this bonus as well. Of course they would! They are citizens as well and they have the same rights of a the middle class. One can cut them out of the equation, but there will be a bad move for the election. So, even millionaires of billionaires could theoretically have that money as well. Do you think that all the other people will be happy about it?

As you can see, it’s bad everywhere you look. You can onle think to give that 1000 dollar to those who have lost the job and they are looking for another one, like in Germany, for example! In this way the amout of money is not huge and you can still help those who need a support in the meantime.

It would be amazing to make money doing absolutely nothing, but it’s impossible!


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