Promoting other’s Blog: would you do it?

This is a question i have in mind since i started my blog. Let’s imagine that we become big, very big, and someone write you on social media asking if you were agree to write a post about his or her blog. It hasn’t happened yet, however i am wondering what i would do. Well, i though about it, and then i finally found my answer.

And the aswer is the following: i would not help him or her in this way. The reason are basically two: myself and my followers. Let’s start from myself.

If i were big, with hundreds od thousand of followers, i would have for sure a pretty busy schedule and a blog with a specific topic. In my specific case, i would never promote a beauty or food blog because i know nothing about those things. Since i have no idea about fashion, cosmetic and food it would be hard for me to understand which blog is cool and which one is not so good. I don’t wanna risk to make a wrong decision just to make one person happy, because i didn’t have enough knowlegde to decide. More than that, i would not “waste” my time effort and energy to write something good aboiut a specific person, when i could use the same time, energy and effort to create something good for my blog and business. Even if the blog i should promote talked about what talk about, i would still not promote that blog. Why? For the reason number two.

My follower follow me for a specific reason: they want to read something original about a certain topic, no matter what topic it might be. More than that, they are not use to see promotion of other’s blogs, that bring me ti the point: i would have no idea how they could react. Since my follower might become the reason of my monthly income, i don’t want to lose money because i have to help another person to have a couple of followers more. If he or she’s not able to make followers, it might mean that he or she’s not so good in blogging.

However, even if i don’t help directly another blogger with a promotion on my blog, i would love so much to help people, if they are good. The only thing they have to do is work hard, improve and be always better. In this way they can actually post something very good, interesting or funny. Maybe they have the luck to be seen by one big blogger, who will maybe start to follow them, leave a like or a comment. Talking about me, i read a lot of blogger and leave comments really often. And, you can believe it or not, it happened once that i started a post from a follower’s comment (this is the post). As you can see, i linked the blog and i quoted her comment. In this way i promoted someone who left an interesting comment and helped me to write a interesting post. I think this is a very good way to promote someone, especially if you have hundreds of thousand of daily views.

How would you promote someone?


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