Respect in the First Place!

Never judge a book by its cover. This is something that we should keep in mind in our entire lives. But we don’t…not everyone at least! Why do i say that? Because we use tu judge what we see and often what we see is not the truth. How can we stop it? With respect.

The problem is that we judge and we assume things that doesn’t exist. Think about all the jokes against asian, italian, mexican, afro-american, muslims. Those jokes should be funny, but they are not: they are disgusting, bad, really offensive and they don’t respect another country and hundreds of millions of people.

Or think about when we see someone “different” and we start to say things about that person, without even knowing the name. The worst part is that we are very mean: for a fat person we say that he or she should stop go to the fast food and go straight to the gym, for a skinny person we say that she should eat more and take less drug, for a muslim we say that he or she’s a terrorist and for an african that he or she’s a criminal and he or she should go back where he or she belongs. How far do we have to go until we realised that we are very, very, very bad people?

We are saying thing about someone we have never seen in our life, who we don’t know the name and we wil never see again. How sad is that! We should really start to treat people with the respect they deserve. Do you really think that a fat or a skinny person is happy to have all those looks on? Do you really think that a muslim is happy to hear people call him/her a terrorist? Do you really think that a black person find hilarious when someone tells him/her to go back to Africa to the monkeys? You don’t know their lives, their problems and what they are going through. How dare you!

Everytime i think about it, i get mad. I am not better than anybody and nobody is better than me. We are all equal and we should treat us equally. I don’t have any right to tell mean things about you! My skin, my birthplace, my religion doesn’t define me better than someone else. We are different, of course, but we are the same thing: human being walking on this planet.

What goes around comes around. One day you will be the one disrespecting somene, tomorrow you will be the disrespectes. We have to stop this sick circle starting with something little but very powerful: not judging. This is the very first step to start something amazing. I am sure that we can do it! Respect above everything.


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