How old must A Blogger be?

In the middle of the night one does usually two things: sleep or nasty things. In my case, i think too muchinstead of sleeping, because my brain sleeps during the day and it wakes up in the night and i start to have ideas, sometimes good ones, other really bad ones. This time my brain ask me one quetion: How old must be a blogger? I have to tell you: i never thought about it and here i am, forcing to find an answer.

Is there any “perfect age” to be a CREDIBLE blogger? I write credible, because in my opinion, credibility is one of the key factors to be a great blogger. Everyone can be a blogger, but not all can be taken seroiusly. Before to start, let’s take a look of what a blogger normally do.

A blogger, write something and publish it on internet, waiting for interections. The key points right now is only one: the audience.

In internet you find everyone, from the 10 years old to the 70 years old. Internet is a open space, so everyone can see everything. Which means that your post might be read by a teenage, an adults or a grampa. It’s important in this moment to understand what all this people want from a blogger.

A teenager looks for someone who’s both cool and unconsciously helps him or her to become a better person through and inspiring and interesting reading. So, it’s probable that a 15, 16 or 17 years old will follow someone older that him, like someone in the 20s or even in the 30s. A teenage follows other teenager as well, but it’s different, in my opinion: a teenage follow a teenage to laugh; a teeage follow ad adult to grow and find some kind of inspiration. Probably i’m wrong, but this is my idea.

Something else is if the reader or viewer is an adults. This person may be a worker, maybe a father or an entrepenuer, which means that he or she’s a mature person and i am sure that a mature mind doesn’t watch teenagers screaming while playing videogames or vloggers who talks about teenage problems, very far awya from the adult. They want to spend quality time in internet, looking for something cool for an adults. Which means that an adults in intertet might follow another adults, like somenone in the late 20s/early 30s, because this person is old enough to see the world in an adult way, offering some kind of quality content or foods for thought for adults. And the same happens for someone like a 60s or 70s, becaue this people wants to see what happens around the world, know the trend, be entertained, and they are gonna inform themselves by someone competent and mature…a teenager who talks about society in a construcitve way is hard to find.

So, in my opinion a person must be adult, like late 20s/ealry 30s, if he or she wants to start a blogging career. Because if you want to start to talk about love, politics, menthal health or sport the “older” you are, the more credible you might look, for sure more credible than a 15 years old, because you see the world in a very mature way and you analyse the world around you in an adult way, something a teenager can’t do, because he or she didn’t do the necessary experiences in life to be mature enough. Tha’t life.

You can even start a blog at 15, nobody tells you not to, but be careful who you want to talk to, because a wrong targeting might write the word end in avery short journey.

This is my ideal age. What do you thing?


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