How to prevent criminality?

In every country in this world there are criminals. You can live everywhere you want, the local police department will always be busy to catch criminals and bring them to justice. But how can we decrease the criminal rate? Can we actually do that?

It’s a really complicated problem, otherwise there would not be criminat anywhere. If we really want start to talk about criminality in a uselful way for a community, we should see not only the crime itself, but also the reason behind it.

You can commit a crime, whatever it might be. The point is to understand why you do that, because i don’t really thing that you become a criminal because you love to. I think that you turn into a “bad guy” for a reason: because you don’t have any other choice.

If you live in a big city, there is always a district where the crime rate is higher that anywher else and often those places are actually poor, with no prospective and the people feel abandoned. In this condition it’s really easy that people become criminals, because kids grow up in places where criminality is a daily business and it’s normal that people do bad things, when it’s not good. So, once they become teenager and adult, they start their criminal life and…well, you know what might happens next. But it’s not their fault: in their mind this is how the world works, because they didn’t have another choice, they have never seen the world outside their neighborhood. The queestion is: how to deal with that problem?

Use the police to force people not to commit crime is useless. Fear is never good if you want to teach someone “how to be a good citizens”…and police has no idea how to handle their power. Police needs to protect the community, not to be a teacher. I think that the State has to invest lot of money to give to all the people in those poor district a choice: State should start to invest money in schools and recreative activities, so the kid can learn and improve themselves, their talent or find an hobby, it should “force” the adult to train themselves in a specific job, so they can work and earn money and the State should help people in trouble with money or consultation or whatever they need to be productive. More than that, the State should inform all the people about the consequences of being a criminal, just to let them think about finding another way to make money.

If a State does those simple thing, every single kid, teenage or adult would have a choice: either use the help of the State to invest in theirselves and do something better or become a criminal and risk jail or your life. I am sure that 99,9% of the people would choose the first option. Nobody wants to put thier lives on the line, if they had an opportunity not to. This is a very long-term strategy and the work to do in huge, bit in few years, maybe even months, you will see the results! And it will be wonderful!

Don’t you agree?


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