I love to be a blogger

I have the strong feeling that the more i do that, the more i am falling in love with being a blogger. It feels nice and perfect for me. In the beginning i was a little nervous, but now i am exactly where i am supposed to be. I love it for a lot of reasons.

I am able to speak out my mind. I know a lot of people i could talk with, but almost all of them just don’t see what i see or if the do, they just don’t want to talk about it, because sport and women is much more important than have sometimes some quality time talking like adults and sharing ideas or perspective. I didn’t know what to do with all the thoughts i have in mind, so i though that opening a blogger might be a good solution for emptying my brain and sharing thoughts with someone who wants really read them.

Talking with people, or sharing ideas with other, was a problem, because i always thought that my idea were stupid. Well, i was wrong: my ideas were not stupid, only the people i used to talk were,, and in this world nice people are not so a rare good after all. The only problem is that they are very far away from me, but internet is able to close the distance and connect everyone instantly. For once, despite all the bad, internet is a great thing!

I can actually really discuss with people about everything and find new ways to see things, something impossible for me until two weeks ago. It’s amazing to see nice people talking and discuss with respect and kindness to each other. Sometimes i think that i’m in heave! I really look forwards to have hundreds of thousand of wonderful discussions and changes of opinions! So happy to have opened a blog!

My mind is able to go where it wants. For the first time in my life i am letting my brain to go where it desides to go. No filter, no censorship and no fear to speak. The only limit i have is….well, there’s no limit! I have never had so much ideas in my mind that in this days. I go to sleep tired, but really, really happy. There are night that i fall aslepp, but i can wait to wake up just to test my ideas!! It’s so amazing!

And, most important, it’s a way to escape a little bit from all the bad things around me. I’m fine, my family is fine and we are pretty happy. I’m talking about all the bad news and event we are forcing to witness and live through. Sometimes it’s just too much to handle and we must have a way out, a safe place where you can think of nothing and take a break from everything!

Yes, i’m happy to be a blogger. I don’t kno where this journey will end up, but it started in the right way!


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