Convicted are an opportunity!

I have already said that criminality is a huge problem and State has lots to do in decrease the crime rate. However, this isnthe actual situation: today criminals are in jail, pay their debts with the justice and then they come out as free man or women. What happens next is sometimes is unclear and sometimes very unrganized. Can one do something different?

The big problem is that we see inmate as a problem and something we have to manage as a burden. Probably this is the problem: we should chnge the way we look at it. Let me explain.

I don’t want to talk about why someone is in prison or if this person involved deserves that. It’s not the point. When you go into jail you are locked in a building with no way out until your penalty is not over. In those years people do nothing and they are left completely alone, sometimes with no rights. Once they are out, they are alone with no support or help to come back in the community. And that’s the key of today’s post. In my opinion, when someone get out from jail, he or she should be able to find a job as soon as possible. We can’t afford that the new “clean person” comes back into the criminality once again, just because the society rejects them due to of their past. Yes, they did something bad, but they did it ten, fiftenn years ago.

I really convinced that in prision the State has to make sure that the convicted pays for the crimes committed and regrest what has been done. In the same time the State has to help the inmate to build the base for a better future, a future outside criminality. You can think that “being soft” is a mistake and murderers or violent people has to pay a lot for the crimes and they don’t deserve any second chance. This is not about second chance, here iT’s about to avouid the increase of the number of criminals. You can’t control the criminal outside, you can only catch them, but you can control those you have caught.

I know that lot of us don’t like the idea, but if the society is not in the position to prevent to commit a crime, we have to face the fact that it’s way much better to help a person in jail finding a way to survive in the world than doing nothing and see that person swallowed inside the criminality once again, because we’re angry and we don’t see the situation clearly. For those who have lost someone dear because of an homicide can be horrible to hear and read maybe, but in this way no other people will suffer for the same reasons.

We can’t re-write the past and we can’t change the present. The onl thing we can do is juse make sure that the future is not as bad as it was the past. Yes, it’s painful, i perfectly understand, but we have to break the loop we have today, where “new free men and women” turn into a crinimal again. It’s something we can’t afford!

What do you think about it?


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