Reason (Not) to open a blog!

I have written a couple of post about blogging, but it still misses the most important one: Why? Why should someone open a blog? Why should someone work hard to make money, when with Instagram you can do it easily? Because we are masochist. I’m kidding! Well, they are good questions. Let me try to find an answer.

Why does someone open a blog. Uhm…pretty hard to find a reason good for everyone behind the decision, but think about what a blogger does: he or she shares, whatever it is. One can talk about food, fashion, sport, rumors, movies, music… but the point is that you want to talk and share your ideas with a bigger crowd than you bunch of friends you spend time with…something internet is made for.

Internet allows you to know and reach people from all over the world, giving you the opportunity to potencially have the world reading what you have in your mind. New people and new culture means that you see the world with other’s eyes. Sometimes walking in someone else’s shoes may be enlightning if you have problem to understand the world. You can say that blogging is a life experience where you can discover new way to see the world, but even greater than that is having your “own community” with inside people from every corner of the world. And it’s actually easy to create: i personally have reader from Tibet and American Samoa. If from that country one can read what i, a blogger based in Germany, have to say, in other Country like America, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea and Australia one can have a huge “fanbase”…a fanbase from every corner of the planet. If you think about it, it’s a pretty freaking amazing thing to achieve!

You must love writing. You must love writing a lot. I don’t wanna lie: at the end of the day i am sometimes “drained”. Between thinking about something to write, write my thoughts down and change things to make sure that the post is cool and looks “creative” is sometimes unnerving. If you think, more than that, that we publish but we have no clue how people might react, you should love writing and express yourself more than yourself. I’m exaggerating, i know, but writing must be something you really love….especially in the very beginning where nobdy reads your thoughts (very hard times).

Now, if you open a blog for money, you must be careful. If you think that with just a couple of post you can become as rich as Chiara Ferragni, you are out of your mind: Chiara Ferragni opened her blog in 2009 and since then she worked hard, very hard, to achieved what she’s achieved! I let you here a reason why open a blog with this mentality is stupid! But, if you love blogging and you would love one day to earn money from your blog, then you can do it, but you have to work hard, never give up and do your thing. Sooner than later, you will reach the top!

Being a blogger is not easy, unless you don’t really love writing, talking with people and unless you are anot ready to “sacrifice” time for this full time effort! If you have all of it, welcome on board!


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