How to find inspirarion?

When you are a blogger your goal is entertaining both your followers and those who find your blog for the first time. Which means that you have “the duty” to offer something both interesting and that might worth someone else’s time. No matter how often you are gonna publish, what you offer must be good. But how can you have the inspiration to write something dope every single time?

Be inspired is not easy, let me tell you this. It depends most of your feelings, because one day you will be absolutely happy and you can’t stop your hand from writing, other days you just don’t want to see your blog under any circumstance ever. In a good mood we are in the mental set to do and try different thing, it’s obvious. The goal here is to be in a good mood as long as possible, something really hard to achieve because the world around us tries to take us down and ditract us every single moment.

Inspiration is not something you can control or you can predict. It doesn’t work like that. Inspiration is like a butterfly: it flies everywhere, even around you, but it’s rare that lands on you, bur when it does, magic things happen. However, there’s no tricks to make this butterfly come to you. There’s no magic recepy to make sure that inspiration hits you like a thunder. Your mind must be open. Don’t say no to anything and don’t live with prejudices. Because sometimes the weirdest and unusual idea might be the best one. Don’t let that idea go, because if you say no, you are closing the door to probably one fo the biggest idea of all time. You don’t know the future. Talking about uncertainty.

Be patient. It may happen that inspiration take a little while to find you. I mean, you are not the only person in this world and you are not, for sure, the only person with no ideas. Just be quite, don’t be impulsive to write everything, just to keep your blog active, and take a break, if necessary. One day, you will wake up and ideas will flows in your mind live the Mississipi River. Trust me, taking a break once in a while haven’t hurt anybody, trust me! Better fewer post, but high-quality ones!

I know tha might probably sound stupid, but don’t leave the entire world out of your business and out of your life. This world is the biggest sources of inspiration you can find. Do you need some kind of inspiration? Watch movies, read books, talk with other blogger and discuss with your follower, read other’s content, catch up with the trend and do something different. You will for sure find something interesting to write about. I, personally, wrote a couple of post starting with a comments that my followers left under my previous posts. Sometimes only a word, a picture or moment can make a huge difference. Just take a look outside and find out what the world has to offer! You will not regret that!


2 thoughts on “How to find inspirarion?”

  1. Well written…completely agreed to your points… Indeed i feel like that too sometimes i feel like writing alot and sometimes not opening wordpress atall… So we should keep our mind open always and should motivate ourself alot…

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