Mental block!

It happens often that some days you have so many ideas, but in others it seems that you have even lost the ability to write and thing properly, especially if you do the same thing for a long time. Between boredom, routine and stress it’s really eays to lose focus and the joy in what you are doing. With this negative environment, it’s really easy to lose inspiration, all the ideas are all washed away and you start to think that you can do this anymore. Just stop it!

All of a sudden the white paper in front of you, your best ally so far, has become your worst enemy. Your brain is not working, you stare at all that white, thinking that it’s just too much white for a paper and it seems that you don’t even have the strenght to pick up the pen and start to write some ideas. Just stop it!

Leave everything where it is and do something else, or do absolutely nothing. Forcing yourself to do something you are not clearly to do anymore brings nothing, only more frustration and more stupid question like “am i still good?”, “what’s happening to me” and “it’s the sign that i have to give up!”. It’s a huge mistake and something you should not even thing! You are great, nothing it’s happening and if you give everything up you will regret that decision for the rest of your life! Don’t be stupid!

In life we have ups and downs. It’s life and nobody can’t no anything about it. There are moments where we have new ideas every five minutes and other where nothing comes out of your mind for days; moments where your hands can stop writing, other than even see a pen make you feel sick and moments where you love your job and other where you hate it. It’s absolutely normal and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Take a break, recharge the battery and leave for a moment the blogging career aside. There are so many reason why you suddendly are scared of a white paper. Don’t be afraid and don’t do nothing stupid, like still doing what your brain is telling you not to do, because at the end you will write bad things and in a very bad way. It’s not good for business.

Leave the room, take a walk, spend some days doing something different. One day, sooner than later,, you will watch that white paper and you will start to write again like you used to do. It’s just a matter of time. Be patience and never do something stupid!


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