This post is absolutely crucial in my personal opinion. How can you become a good blogger without a schedule? You have to do that, probably is the second most important to thing after the topic you are going to talk about. I can’t even think about blogging without a plan.

I already wrote about how to write a good post, but that’s an impossible goal to achieve if you don’t have a plan. Writing a post is not only “write some stuff” and then upload them. It’s way much more than that. Your contents must be unique, entertaining, helpful, funny, well written and not a huge waste of time. If would never EVER read something boring, nonsense, untruth and useless. Every content needs to achieve a certain level of quality to be written, appreciated and beloved. And you can’t achieve that in five minutes without any kind of work behind the scene.

You have to inform yourself, read and watch a lot of stuff, write your thoughts down, put your personality in the post and then modify everything to make sure that your work sounds good and it’s easy to read. To be able to do all this, you need time…lot of time. You need time to read, to watch, to write and to control.

For that reason is crucial that you make a weekly plan. With a plan you can organized everything you have to do, to make sure that what you post is always good. Nobody wants to read garbage! This is an example of how you can organise yourself: Mondays and Tuesdays are dedicated to collect all the infos you need to write, Wednesdays is dedicated to write all the posts you will publish in the following days, Thursday is dedicated to find another ideas to develop in the future, Friday is for the followers and the week-end is the time where you take a break and just relax, after a really busy day for your brain. You don’t have to follow now this schedule, but you can star from that to find one perfect for you. There is another reason why a weekly schedule is important: your followers.

The more you publish, the more you are visible. This is a rule that everybody knows. The problem is when you post too much…and you will do it. This is a rookie mistake: just because you don’t see results immediately, you start to post as much as you can, thingking that it might help you. No, it won’t help you, at all! You are not the only user in internet and your followers follow other people. In internet everyone follows everyone. Can you imagine how frustrating is when you scroll the home and you see tenths of contents, low quality content by the way, from the same person? Pretty much, especially when one is looking for something specific. Please don’t saturate other’s homepages just because you want to be seen!

Plan a sustainable schedule: three post a week might be a good number. In this way you are present, publishing every two days, people can find you easily and you have in the meantime the opportunity to make all the researches you need and for writing what you have to post properly. Take it easy, work hard behind the scene and, more important, take time for your followers!

We see us in six months…i’m sure you will be pretty happy with your results!


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