We Need To Start To Talk!

When i say “we need to start to talk” i don’t mean that we have to speak our mind. This is something we do probably too much lately. I know that we have rights and freedoms to do that, but sometimes think before speak can save you from weird moments. I am saying that we should start to talk to each other, something we don’t do so well.

It’s incredible to think that we think we are a community. Well, i have my doubts about that. I have a specific idea of community. For me a community must made by men and women who, despite all the differences, are united to lead everyone in the same direction, there must be within it an organisation where rules and freedoms are respected and where we protect each other from every kind of threat. More than that, we discuss and we change different opinion without insulting, yelling or mobbing the others. This is my idea of community. is it weird?

And in this community people talk. They talk about everything without any censorship, fear to be judged, openness, curiosity and respect. In this very constructive environment, decision have been taken and the entire community will respect them, because they are the result of discussion made by people who have the interest and the protection of the community as priority. And if there a problem to be solved, nobody will try not to see that problem, but together they try to figure it out what to do to fix what to be fixed and improve the well-being of the community.

Today, it’s not happening in real life. It was just an immaginary scenario where the perfect community works to be better and solves problem that need to be fixed. Together we win, together we lose. This is how a community should think, but unfortunately the mentality is different: if we win it’s because of me, if we lose it’s your fault. It’s kinda sad, if you think about it.

For that reason i write “we need to start to talk”: we have a lot of differences, some of them are very big, which bring us to think as individual, not as a community. We have to start to find a common ground where we can walk together, putting respect, safety and kindness as firm point to be better. I don’t like to see people that suffer and all the rest of the comminity just stay there, watching without doing nothing. You like it or not, we are part of something bigger and my decision in public might effect your freedom and safety.

In this hard time is basic to start to come closer to each other, starting those discussions which will allow us to think as one and move as one. This is the only way we have to solve all the problem, the small and the big one!

I believe that we can do that! And you?


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