How to develop a New Idea!

In business, you can’t afford to think that you have done enough, because once you reach the top, this is the moment where you have to work even harder to keep the number one spot. And one of the most important things to do is to have new ideas. But how to develop a new idea in the best way?

Little disclaimer: i will talk about a scenario where the idea is something that lasts in a long time, like a show on youtube or a daily story for example. A random post on a blog is not the case i have in mind.

Well, let me think…if i had a good idea in mind, the first thing i would do is to see if someone is offering the same thing i have in mind. And i already tell you that: someone is already doing what you have in mind. In internet, everyone does everything. That might sound bad for you, but there’s still hope, because your personality and your unique style is something nobody can’t replace. The format is maybe already out there, but you are not. Use yourself as a way to make something unique. Which means that you must probably work on that a little bit more to implement your style, before do so any other step.

At the same time, look at your followes. You don’t want to make a wrong move and see part of your fanbase reject what you have to offer. You can’t afford that…well, actually you can do whatever you want, but it would be stupid to throw everything, you have done so far, in the garbage. Take some times to know what they love and ask them if they would want to see or read something new. Don’t think that they will love everything you do, jus because they follow you. It would be the worst mistake you might be.

If they give you a postive reaction, you can actually start to work on a pilot episode. Just don’t start with the whole thing, because the probability to screw everything is pretty high. Work step by step. It’s an important step: until that moment, the world knows only that you have something new but it doesn’t know what it might be. Every single follower has got in mind its own idea of what might be. With the pilot you show them what you have in mind, so they can tell you what they think. This is the best part of the entire process: you have to collect all the reaction, all the advices and see how your follower react. For sure you will have something to change, because this is not only your creation: you own the 50%, the other 50% belongs to your follower. If you want that your idea has been seen you have to give what your fanbase wants. Don’t force them to swallow something they don’t want to.

After you have changed and improved what you have to change and improve, which might be a lot, you can upload the very first episode. Wait a couple of days, read the comments and change what you have to change, improve what you have to improve and offer always a better product.

This is how you develop a new idea! Don’t be in a hurry and do things properly. Just be patience and take all the time you need!


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