If you could choose, which Superpower would you want?

I had this idea for a while now. Probably nobody will read it, but i would really appreciate if you stopped here. If you had the opprtunity to choose, which superpower would you pick? That’s not as easy answer, is it? It’s really hard to choose between all the superpower available. I tell you which superpower i would pick, then leave a comment tellong me yours!

My superpower would be the ability to predict the future. That superpower would be perfect and it’s actually “perfect”! Why?

Knowing the future is perfect if you want to become rich. How? If you invest money now, you have a high probability to lose everything. Why? Because you have no idea what might happen to your money and in the financial world: you can become as rich as Jeff Bezos, or you can be without a single penny left in less than a minute. It’s horrible if you think about it. But, if you knew before how a stock will behave in the future, you can choose how and when to invest and when to cash in. Your name will be a legend in the financial world and you will be the new Jesus, because everyone else wil think that it’s a miracle what you’re capable of. You have no idea how much money you can make, without losing a single penny. Or, you can win the lottery, because you will know which will be the best moment to play and which number to choose. In one night you can really achieve what you have never achieved in your life.

Being rich is something that we all want. Nobody will say the contrary. The more money we have, the better our lives would be. But it’s not only about money. There’s more than that and that it is exactly what make me choose those superpower: you can avoid all the bad things. I explain that better.

Think about all the disaster happen in the history. Every single one of them might be avoided if you could predict what was the reason in the first place. Can you even imagine how many bad thing would have not lived if only someone would have been able to stop the problem before that this problem even began? Tha would be amazing. And i don’t even think about the number of people who would be alive right now…especially those who died in all the stupid wars throughout history.

Yes, actually there’s side-effect like being conscious of your last day on this planet and everyone else’s. But nobody gives you something for nothing. I’m the opinion that if i could actually even save only one life with that superpower, all the bad sides are not so bad after all. What do you think?

Now tell me, which superpower would you like to have?


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