Politics has to be a MESS to Work WELL!

I really convinced that the more messy the politics is, the better works. I know, you probably think i’m crazy, maybe i am, but not in this moment. Why don’t you sit and read what i have to say? After that, you can insult me.

What’s politics? Politics is the agreement between to or more parts, called parties. In parliament happens exactly this: a bill must be voted and the majority wins…and normally the majority belongs to the winning party after the election. However, and I truly believe it, even if the bigger party can lead the country alone, it should talk with the other partners in parliament. It doesn’t have to do it, but i would do it. And here come the problems.

If you give the opportunity to another person to modify something, this person will try to change that thing until that thing doesn’t give him a benefit…and if we talk about two parties thing can really become a mess, because the other side will try as much as possible to change the bill to make happy its own electors. Now, if you have Progressists on one side and Conservatives on the other side, could you imagine how it may end? I say pretty well, actually.

Here is my point: no matter which side one has chosen to be, the president is the president of everyone. I know that the President has the party’s interest to think of, but the interest of every citizens must have priority. To make sure that the biggest part of the country can take benefits from that law, it’s important that all the parties speak, discuss and find a common ground to walk on. It doesn’t make any sense that one party choose one way and the other just vote against. It’s huge waste of time, people and energy, because take care of only one side of the country is never a wise thing to do.

The more complicated is the law to vote, the more complicated must be the dialogue. This is how i think it must be. Politics, to work well, must be a compromise between all the parts involved. If the discussion lasts too few it means that either the law is already perfect (never happened) or the leading party decided to do everything alone.

In a normal situation, it’s necessary that politics take its time to discuss and make sure that the law is perfect for the biggest part of the country possible. It is what it is! Politics must be a mess! Otherwise why do we have democracy?


5 thoughts on “Politics has to be a MESS to Work WELL!”

  1. I do see what you mean. I know you’re not meant to talk about politics, haha, but this is a great point! In essence, there is not even semblance of a democracy if the views and wishes of all parties are not adequately and respectfully represented. When we talk about the greater population and the beliefs of the majority, we are talking about all the people of a state or country. Even if the majority on one side of the equation win, there is still a significant amount of people who have not be considered in any way. As with everything in life, there should be balance. The absence of this will upset the equilibrium.

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