The perfect partner!!

During the Covid-19 pandemic lot of things happened and are still happiening, but one in particulary captured my attention: Lot of couple break up or decided to divorce. It’s something happened in lot of countries in Europe, i don’t know if in the rest od the world is the same. However, that study makes me thing. Who does the perfect partner look like?

One says that the quality of something must be prooved under very hard condition….to be honest the harder, the better. This mentality can be applied in every field you can think of…even in a relationship. The pandemic is bad, i’m agree with that, but it’s a perfect stress test that hepls us to understand if the feeling and the couple is strong. However, let’s focus on the people involved in the repationship.

The perfect partner…i’m not goin to talk about dirty stuff, you already what i think about it. If you really think about a perfect realationship, you don’t need too much to make things work as they should. The first thing come up in my mind is that Patience is something you should always have, especially in this hard times. Staying calm, relaxed and don’t get mad for every single thing happens, or for a wekness you don’t like too much, are qualities that not everyone possess. We make mistake, we maybe are not good in something, we are maybe in a good mood and we are unable to do a certain thing. We are different, but it doesn’t mean one has to yell at the other for that. We have to accept the situation and try to find a solution. It’s not so hard…if you really love someone you will find it.

Support might a good quality as well. Not everyone reacts in the same way: some of is used to see the bottle half-full, other half- empty, lot of us have problem to understand the world around them, other get crazy because they don’t find the answer. A partner, a real partner, must be there for helping the other to feel better in case of needs. No matter what and for how long. Maybe the other only needs someone to hug, to cuddle or just someone to talk with. There’s nothing wrong with that, we are human and we are influenced by the world around us. Not every single one of us is a rock and he or she can handle this crazy world, there are also who are more fragile and need a help not to lose hir or herself. Do you thing to have what you need to get through?

Most important of everything is time. This a problem that men often has. A woman is strong, we know that, but it’s not a machine. Often she needs someone to talk, to discuss or to complain and men don’t have time because we are often idiots. She asks only time, nothing more. I don’t think it’s a hard thing to do. Time, no matter how much of it, dedicated to your partner is maybe the best gift you can give her. You will see how your relationship will be better if you are not so blind and selfish.

Just three thigs. Nothing more, nothing less. You can onl imagine how amazing your relationship will be with this three things.


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