World without money!

This is a very, very, very sci-fi post, i know alredy. I mean, we can only dream of a world without money. I know that probably it sounds crazy and an hyphotetical disaster, but it’s not. It might be probably the beginning of something so big that you can even imagine. Let me explain better.

The world we live in is pretty simple if we talk about money and good: we decided that a certain good worths a certain amount of money and we need a job or a business to have the money to buy all the good and services we want. Just think, for one second, that everything is worthless, in the sense that we don’t need money anymore to buy good and services. Can you even imagine how big it might be?

First thing first, we could afford everything, from a pen to a Ferrari or a huge mansion. There’s no limit of the thing we can have, because everything will worth zero, nada, null, nothing. We can fullfil every dream, we can do and buy whatever we always wanted. Everyone of us can really live a life we always wanted. We will still have to “work”, because we will always need doctors, teachers and all the jobs we have right now, but you would work for free, knowing however that you can afford everything, even if you don’t receive nothing from the company. Talking about job…

No more unemployees. The problem now is that a company has to make money to invest in the human resources. No money, no investments. If we don’t need money, the only thing a company has to do is find a space for new employees and let them work. And if you want, you can even decide to quit the job and stay home for a while, taking a break for yourself. We now have a job because we need money to pay everything we have to pay, but once money are a memory, you can really decide to stay home as long as you want, work when you want and if nobody wants you, you have no problem whatsoever: just stay home…you can afford it. The concept of job will change becoming the exercise of what you have learned at school, becoming more like a mission or a service for the entire community.

Poverty will be only a word and concept written in the history books. This is probably one of the best amazing thing. Nowadays, money decided our faith: if you hve them, you live good; if you don’t, you will suffer. It’s sad and pathetic. No money means no poverty. And without with kind of difference, we will all live on the same level: no more super rich and super poor. Everyone will live a dignified existance without being judged or ashamed. How cool it might be!!

Last but not the least, everything will work perfectly, especially school system, medical research and healthcare. Without money involved, every single cure will be available for everyone, every treatment, even the most expencive one today, will be accessible by every single person and the researcher could actually work as good as they supposed to. Illness would no more a problem, having a cure for everything. More important is the school system: every single kid, even from the most poor part of the city today, could have an excellent education, attend the best schools and have all the opportunity to have a shiny future…somethin imposisble for lots of innocent kids.

That would be the perfect world, don’t you think?


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