Fashion: the PERFECTION of BIKINI!

Oh, bikini…what a wonderful thing! This is by far one of the best creation in the human history…after the pizza, of course! If you ask me, every woman in summer should wear bikini everywhere! But, unfortunately, the society decided that it’s not cool…what a drag! Anyway, i think that bikini doesn’t receive the right gloryfication they deserve! So, here i am!

Bikini is probably the only thing in the fashion business that is loved both by men and women…of course for different reason. Because if a man loves the bikini for the same reason a woman does, i would have just a couple of questions…you know, just out of curiosity.

Women love bikini for many reason. The first one is that in summer they don’t sweat too much, or they still sweat a lot, but they don’t have clothes on, that might make turn the entire situation into a humid nightmare. It’s actualy something a woman can take on and off quickly and easily, changing her “outfit” before and after the lunch, both because she might love to look differently between morning and afternoon, but also the feelings given by the mix o sand and water inside the bikini might be pretty annoying on the skin. Even men like actually bikini for the easiness during the use, but not for the same reason and in other completely different context!

A bikini covers everything must be covered, giving to the woman the ability to move freely. For once in their lives, they can move wthout any impediment, show their body without being judged by anybody around, something very difficult outside the beach, and they can be sexy, something a woman always wants to be! For a man the situation is pretty different. We don’t give a damn if a woman fells confortable or if she can hide the necessary parts, but still showing her amazing body. She can hide what she has to hide, for a man a woman in bikini is like a walking naked body with surprises to find out. It’s amazing, because a woman can show legs, belly, butt and arms, but we will still stare the only two parts covered. Sad story!

Last, but not the least, it’s perfect ally for influencer on instagram. Have you noticed? No matter which season we are in, women in bikini are always there, collecting like and follower like no tomorrow…and most of the like are mine, probably! What do you want? I’m a man too! I think that Zeus (given the fact that Bikini existed already in ancient Greece) thought about a clothes that might be a huge money tool in the 21st Century and he thought about bikini…bikinis that now are so less covered that don’t let a man too much space for immagination. And it’s sad, because i loved to imagine what’s underneath it, now i can clearly see it. Simply gross. I know that money are important, but also my happiness must be important too!

However, God bless bikini…the reason why 99,9% of the men sleep face-down at the beach!


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