Verbal Violence is not the Solution!

I really hate when i see two or more people yelling to each other saying bat thing…like really, really, really bat things. I don’t really feel confortable at all when voices are too loud and faces turn into living tomatoes. Why do we have to act like wresltlers in real life, when we don’t need that?

I used to be very impulsive and act pretty aggressive back in the day. Maybe i was too stupid or to young, but everytime i had very bad reaction and i used to say not so nice thing when i was angry…and i feel bad and sorry just thinking about those words right now…i would slap myself in the face if i had a time machine. Then i realised something: yelling and insulting don’t bring absolutely nothing, only anger, sadness and frustration. And people i care very much had to pay the hard price. Don’t get me wrong, nothing physical, but they were sad to see my anger used against them for no reason at all. It was a turning point for me, because i realise that being angry, frustrated, sad and disappointed is useless: it hurts you, it doesn’t help you thing straight and people around you are hurt in the same way or even more.

Since that moment i started to focus myself to the positive thing in live, like respect, hard working, emphatie and my family’s love. Let me tell you: it was more powerful than every cure you could take. I felt good, positive and since that day, even if i have had bad days, i’ve never lost the smile. After quite some time that i had this postive mind set, two more amazing thing happened.

The first is that i was able to think better. It sounds weird for you, but i was able to see thinkg differently and from differents point of view, something i was unable to do when the anger and frustration had the control of my body. For a lot of bad situation i can see the positive side now, for every controversial situation i am able to see also the funny part of the story, without losing the focus of the point. I don’t know if it make sense for you, but it’s an amazing thing to feel.

The second fascinating thing is that i don’t fight anymore, i just don’t. Years ago, every word might be an opportunity to start a fight, but now every word is an opportunity to change opinion and be better. It’s insane what a change of mentality can do in the long term. Even in my family everything is changed: before they had prettty hard time to talk with me, because i used to close myself from the rest of the world, now we can really talk freely to the other without any fear to start a stupid fight. I think that it’s the most amazing thing happened in my life.

Life is too short to be wasted with stupid fight and with anger and bad feeling in our mind. They don’t help and they are very dangerous, because nobody is able to manage such powerful and negative feelings. Don’t let the darkness take the control of your heart and mind. Be brave to break the chain and be free to be happy!


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