How The perfect President must be?

In the History we have seen wonderful and awful presidents (more awful than good) and we have also seen different way to lead a country (some of them very weird). But, despite everything, this is my question: how should the perfect president be? More than that, could the perfect president exist in real life?

Or course…! I’m sure we could really have the perfect president, with a lot of luck and some help from above. But how this person might be? Well, first of all he or she should have a very, very, very strong personality and don’t care about anything around. Just let me explain a little bit better.

What are the most important things to be perfect? Easy answer: everyone must be happy and one doesn’t make any kind of mistakes. This is the definition of perfection. There’s a little problem: since we are human beings, and human beings make mistakes, the most important thing is that mistakes must not be big, but very, very small, almost impossible to see. Althought mistakes are “allowed”, the fact that everyone must be happy it’s something we can’t close an eye, because it’s the key of the entire post.

A president is perfect when everyone, literally everyone, is happy. Anyone in the country must talk bad about the president. Now it’s gonna be funny! Why? Because Between rich and poor, boss and emploees, white and black, young and old, man and woman a presindet has a lot to do…and a lot of different people to make happy. In this world equality is not a very common word and there’s something more: most of the “community” are one the oppostite of the other (think about rich and poor), which means that if one makes happy one side, the other will not be so excited. In that four years, the president must wokt on reforms that help everyone to improve their situation, without taking away from the other part of the society their privilegues, rights and freedoms. It’s possible? Well, maybe really hard to do, but it’s not impossible. The big problem is the following point.

Perfect president = no influence from anyone. He must act like a robot, with no feeling, no preferences and no interest to defend. His goal is the country’s happiness, not the one of the people who paid his or her election campaign. I really want to see a president who willingly does the opposition’s interest with his or her reforms. I think that its party will so cool with that… . How funny would it be to see the president tells something absolutely against his or her party and the following fight in the parliament to let that bill voted.

Last, but not the least, during his term, he must be loved by every single person in the country. That’s quite hard to achieve, because haters will be always there, no matter what you do and how you do that. You could be Jesus walking on the water curing people, there always someone who will hate for so different reasons, even the most ridicolous ones…but they will do.

Now, DOES THE PERFECT PRESIDENT EXISTS? Of course! Then i wake up and i go to work! Politic is a mess and president will be a mess as well.


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