If you were BILLIONAIRE, what would you do?

Just imagine the moment: you go to bed “poor” or forced to go to work, otherwise you will end up living on the street, and you wake up with a billion dollar in your bank account. It would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Then come my question: what would you do? I tell you what i would do, then tell me your idea.

I would help the community. When one become rich, three things happen: one quits the job, one has got 24 hours a day available and everything is possible. Since i have so much time for me, i would use it to do something good for those who are actually having hard times to survive or living a decent life.

I live with few rules in my life, one of those is asking myself this question: “and if it happened to me?” Every time i have to so something i always ask mylsef if i would like to suffer the thing i am about to do. For example when i am driving a car and a pedestrian is about to cross the road: i always stop and help the pedestrian walk across it, because i hate when cars doesn’t help me to cross the road when i’m a pedestrian.

For that reason i would help. If i had the opportunity, it would be really bad if id didn’t do anything at all, because the person who suffers today might be me tomorrow. And if i were in trouble, i would need a help. We must be there for the other if you can and don’t look somewhere else, just pretending that the problem is not there. More than that, with a billion dollar i could help lot of association who are helping poor and people in trouble. I could not stay home, sitting in my expencive living room doing nothing, knowing that i would have the opportunity to make a huge difference for a lot of people with only a little gesture.

I would not really care if i lost a dozen of million dollar. If those millions can help homeless to have a job and roof over the head, those millions would not be wasted, but invested in the community for a better future for tenths, maybe hundreds of people. My dad always says “you don’t need money in hell or heaven!” Of course we have to think of ourselves, i get that, but once you have done everything you have to done and once you bought everything you have to buy, you will have so much money and so much time that you would have no idea what to do. Why wasting your opportunity to do something amazing, because you are too selfish and blind?

Of course i would buy a nice house, nice cars and i will have a rich lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that i would close mylsef in my “golden castel” and don’t look outside it anymore. I would help as much as i could, becuse nobody deserve to be poor or to be abandond by the society! Nobody, never!!

Love first, always!


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