I don’t know who will read this post, but i would like to talk about something that intrigues me pretty much. I hope that vegans around the world will comment below this post just to tell me what they think about my content and to explain me more.

In the first place i want to tell something: i am not vegan. So, this post will be a personal opinion about being vegan, without being vegan…and it’s like criticize LeBron James even if one has never played in the NBA. If you need, leave an insult below.

When Veganism was invented i was one of those people who thought that “vegan is a dumm thing!”Because i judged without even teaching myself a little bit, like almost everyone of us does. I was saying those bad thing, because people around me told that being vegan was bad for several reasons…and all of those truths were found in internet. I know, i was stupid, it’s useless to point that out. And this negative opinion of vegans stayed in my head for very long time…to be more specific, for 6 years more less.

Then i met a couple of vegans and they explain me why they do that and all of them gave me the same explanation. And trust me, i respect them now a lot! I don’t see myself as vegan, but the reasons, why someone choose to become vegan, are very comprehensive. In the beginning i thought that vegan was only about food, trying to avoid every kind of food related to animal, like cheese, milk, eggs and meat. I was not completely right, because it was way much bigger than that! More specific, the goal is avoiding everything that comes from a “dead animal body and put innocent creatures”.

The problem is that i was missing the only two questions i should ask myself: how many things we use come from animal and how those animals are treated? Between Fashion (clothes made by animal skin), Cosmetics, Medicine, Show Business (Thanks show like Masterchef) and every kind of waste we make at home, millions of animals are killed to satisfy the request, an insane request and to entertain us on TV! And killing animal, just to make a fat even fatter without any reason, is not the only absurd thing: the way and the places where animals overwork, just to give us tons of milk, chees and eggs, which we will throw away in the garbage anyway, it’s a big problem as well. The condition where those poor creture live are just inhuman…but they are just animal, right?

The only thing that vegan wants to do is protect creature that nobody protects, because the world doesn’t needs all this huge amount of food we use, just to make the shelfses in supermarket look full and awesome to make more money. We should me much more responsible, but we don’t listen, because money are way much more important than lives. I’m not saying now that we all have to become vegan, but we have to start to be a little more responsible.

I knon already what you are saying: they arer not health and it’s a dangerous lifestly. Are you sure? Are they getting sick, because they don’t eat food? absolutely not. Are they weaker, because they don’t ean animal protein? No! Vegan is a safe and healty way to live? It depends…it depends if you are ready to give up on meat and how much you love animals.

Just don’t judge a cover by its book!



  1. Very true. A couple of years back I wanted to make the transition to veganism but ended up just staying vegetarian. It was easier to manage for me. Veganism gave me lots of skin problems but for those it works for, it’s an incredible lifestyle.

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  2. Hey, I am a vegan and let me tell you it was lifechanging! It was the best thing I ever did for my body but also the bodies of innocent beings. I always have loved animal but my respect and love for them went up after becoming vegan. I became more positive and appreciative for the abundance of vegetables and healthier options around me. I am healthier than ever and loving my new lifestyle. I recommend giving it a try you might just love it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

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    1. Thank you for your comment! At the moment I have a little bit of problem to give up to the meat. Maybe being vegetarian is for me more probable, but an extreme change like being vegan is probably a too bis step for me.

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