Fanbase: The Bigger, The Better?

A fanbase, or at least followers, are pretty important if you are a blogger, both if you want to communicate something and if you have built a business around your blog. The question now is: what is better? A huge or a small fanbase?

With this post i want to talk about the most two common kind of fanbases: a huge one with few interactions or a small one with lot of interaction. In my case, now I have a small one with not so much interaction, because I have just started. However I have already thought about it and for me in the future a small fanbase with a lot of interaction would be perfect. I know that for some of us, the bigger, the better, but a smaller and really active fanbase brings a couple of amazing side effects.

One of them is that if you post regularly, you will have the same traffic on your site every day, because your fanbase will read what you have to say and will interact, leaving a like sharing it or leaving a comment. More than that, the highet the traffic and the interaction, the better the search engines will push you to the very top of the research…and we all know how much important is being in Google’s very first page. The more interaction, the more other people might join your community on social media.

If you have merchandising, there are high probability that almost the entire fa base will support you, buying what you are selling. Which means that you will have an additional income you can use either for yourself or for improving your business. And the more money you earn, the better is what you are offering; the better the product your offer, the happier your follower will be; the happier your follower will be, the more they will interact; the more they interact, the more people outside will know and follow you and the more people follow you, the more money you will earn. It useless if you have 2 or three million follower and nobody will interact with you content. Yes, you have a huge income from the advertising, but nobody will follow you in other businesses Which bring me to the next point.

A small community is easier to inform, because your message needs less time to cover your follower. And since they are engaged with you, they will be always there to support you. If you are planning a live event, for example, in just three hours can sell all the tickets!

Last, but not the least, with less people you can create a closer relationship will some fo them. And the closer they are, the more they will support you both morally and economically. It’s very important to have a wondeful relationship with your followers, because they are the reason why you have all the success, fame and money you have. And with a huge fanbase, it’s impossible to do, because you can be friends with a couple of million of people…it’s simply impossible.

For me would be much more.important a little fanbase with a huge interest. What’s your idea?


8 thoughts on “Fanbase: The Bigger, The Better?”

  1. This platform is quite good in point of interactions with fellow bloggers… So a fan base with good interactions is quite important…less or big is not the main point… Point is our thoughts, views should reach to others i feel..😊 any how i am sorry if my comments are not reaching to your posts…as wordpress is giving me quite trouble, my comments to others post are moving to spam… Anyways have a great weekend 😃❤️

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    1. I think it’s because with smaller audience you can have a closer relationship with lot of them. I don’t want to say that you can become friend with some of them, but you definitely can become pretty close!


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