How be YOURSELF in blogging?

Since i started my journey as a blogger i have always had in mind one thing: be unique, As i said in this post, everyone does and talks about everything, so you have to be unique and something never seen before. Since you are posting any video, where people can see you, but you are writing, it’s crucial that what you write reflect who you are. But who to do it?

That a wonderful question. There are two things you can do: practice and know yourself. let’s start from the practice.

Writing is not easy. I mean, i know that you can write because you learn it in school, but it doesn’t mean that you can write. Let me explain: one thing is to learn the grammatic and the words, another thing is to use them together to create something that delivers a message to those who read. I know that you are capable to write, but can you write clearly and meaningful? That’s my point: there are talented people, and those who have to work hard, but both has to spend hours, days, months and even years to improve their skills, change what they have to change and find the perfect and correct way to write a post and to be clear and easy to read. This is not something that happens overnight. You have to work hard, be persistent, analyse your mistake and turn them in something beautiful. Even if, after years of practicing, you become the best writer of the world, there are still 50% of the work to be done.

Until now, you can prove that you know your language and how to use it perfectly. Congratulation! Now it’s time to put yourself in what you are going to write, because without emotion and personality, a blog is just a set of boring words without any kind of sense. You are the reason why people read your stuff and you are also the reason why they come back every time you post something! You and who you are must be the focus when you write something. Now, the question is: do you know who you are? This is a really tricky question, because people think to know themselves, but they don’t, at the end of the day. Why? Because they are influenced by all the input around them. Lot of people think to be unique, but they are a perfect copy of someone else, not because they have copied (well…maybe), but because they are maybe huge fans and they inconsciously want to be like the idol they love so much. There’s nothing bad in that, absolutely, but your success, you might have, is gone, because people will find out that you are a “version B” of another more famous person.

Discover who we are is not easy. There are people who try, but they fail. Before to open a blog i advice you a couple of thing: practice at home, just writing stuff on your computer, without publish them on internet and watch inside you and find your very own personality. Once you’ve done that, you can open a blog. If you do things too fast, the risk to fail is too big! Spend more time offline for being ready a little bit later online!

You will not regret that!


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