Marriage: I Love You FOREVER!

I don’t really understand why do people after 20 or even more years has to divorce and follow to different paths. Why? I mean, after all you have lived and the thing you have shared and done together, how can you decided to leave and never come back? It’s insane, especially after what you did to end up together!

In the beginning, you meet someone. It all start with a “hello, nice to meet you!” and you start to talk and you end up changing your phone number. Few days later you have your first date. In those moment your excitement and fear levels are absolutely higher than the sky, because you don’t want to screw that thing up, After the first date, you have a second date, than a third, a fourth and then you realised that you are falling in love with that person. The more you spend your time with him or her, the more you are convinced that this person is not allowed to leave you life never, under any kind of circumstances.

At that point you finally delcair your feeling and your relationship is getting serious, because in your head you are start to think that maybe your time is finally coming for a marriage and family. Months or even year pass and finally you risk the All-in, asking the only question that really matter at that point: “would you marry me?” And then comes MY question: are you sure about that? I’m not against marrige, but this question must be asked before asking THE QUESTION to an person, who demand not to be hurt.

This is my point. Marriage must be the beginning of a sometimes wonderful and sometimes journey where two people, crazy in love for each other, will share everything, literally everything, until the end fot this life, to start again in the afterlife. This union should not be broken for no reason whatsoever. If there’s a problem, both have to work out and try to fix things and not just give up, because the situation is hard or painful. Things in life change, esepcially in 50 or 60 years, and you must be ready to fight in the bad moment and you should fill your heart with joy in the good ones. You must be ready for everything.

When two people get married, they become one and they should walk in the same direction. They need to speak, discuss and even fight just to find out where to go and then both have to respect the decision taken together and start that new chapter. Especially when there’s children, the couple should united to teach the kid how to live in this world as decent human being. That’s what a couple does and not taking two different paths trying to be together anyway and hoping that thing will work. This is not how marriage supposed to work. They must be a united front against the world, against everyone and against life itself. Sometimes marriage is a war and you must be there to fight and get through all the bad you can live in the future. It’s too easy to be there in happy moments where you laugh and smile. The real love is prooved when thing go wrong or you have to make sacrifice to help and support your partner or you have to save the entire relationship.

Asking THE QUESTION is more than just marrying someone and having a marvelous wedding day with clothes, flower, an orchestra and all the family and friends around you. It’s a promise that you will be there fot your partner FOREVER, no matter what, when or how, even if the world is against you, even if it’s the worst moment ever and even if you don’t have any energy more! Now the question is: are you ready for it?

“Till death do Us part”!


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