MY BLOG’S WEEKLY REPORT #3: Still Getting Stronger!

In the last two weeks, especially the second one, i told how insane my week was. Well, this one was not bad at all!! And my journey is becoming funnier every single day.

After last week i was worried about my blog performance, because it went so good that i wasn’t sure to be as good as i was in the prevoius seven days. Althought all my pretty negative thoughts, it has been a greak week: my views overall in the week were less than the last week, but the likes and the comments i received were much more than last seven days. More important i have had the feeling to start creating my own community, where people leave a like to every single post i publish, which is awesome, because they probably find what i write and how i write it funny, interesting and worthy to be appreciated! For this week we are talking about 490 views, 174 likes and 61 comments. Not bad i would like to say.

Personally, and i think it’s the more important side, i feel great. I have new ideas to develop, lot of energy and really joy in writing. I have started to develop two new ideas, one about food and the other about fashion, where i will speak about those two topic with fun and without being an expert, but just as a male observer. However i will continue to talk about society and people in a easy way, because my space must be a place where you can smile or even laugh, not a boring place.

Also i would love to thank Kasper, Soni Cool, Olivia, infinitely a daydreamer, Wilfred Pecullar and Chocoviv for being so supportive since basically my day one, appreciating constantly every single thing i write in my blog and being part of my journe. I really look forwars to continue my journey with you and with much more people in the future, sharing our love for talking and grow together. I really appreciate!

Next goal? Well, sky’s the limit…but in the short term, reaching 100 followers until the end of the year would be absolutely lovely. It would be a wonderful way to start with more energy the new year…hoping that it will be a better year!

See you next week for another weekly report!


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