You have to start to Love yourself!

The world around us is bad und demand from us everthing we have in our body…and it doesn’t thank us at all, thinking that what we do must be given anywa. So why do you have to do so much just to make someone else happy? Just don’t!

It’s not about be selfish, but we are so focus on what people say that we forget the most important thing in our lives: us! We are forgetting to think about us.

It’s time to stop what we are doing and how we are doing. We need a break, some time for us. We can continue this crazy race…for what? Just to make sure that the society can accept us? If that means to delete myself, my personality and everything i have in my mind, then i don’t want to be part of this madness. I just don’t want to be part of a game where the less unique you are, the better it is. We are not robots, we are human being, with all around!

It’s time to stop and think: where am i going? What am i doing with my life? Why do i have to be so tired, stressed and sometimes useless? We have only one life and once we are dead, it’s game over! No more opportunities to make things right again. We have to do it as long as we are alive.

Just stop. Look inside yourself and listen to your heart, mind and soul. Those three things are the three things that know you better than anybody elese. They know what is good for you! Don’t shut them up, because your friends, collegues or family force you to be or do something you don’t want. Love yourself! Learn to say no if you don’t want to do something, speak up if you have to say something or if you want to do something. Don’t be afraid is someone might be upset. Better live with few people, who love you that with hundreds of people who use you as long as they can use you.

You deserve to be treated besser, with respect, kindness and the love that every human being has to receive. You deserve to treat yourself better: don’t do thing you can’t, don’t damage your body for something stupid or meaningless and accept all your limit and weaknesses, You are not perfect and it’s ok! Respect your body, listen your soul and follow your heart!

This is the first step for something magnificent, something you thought it was impossible to live!


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