Can you make Everyone happy?

I have read recently a post about bad comments and how to take critics. It was actually pretty interesting and that made me think: can i make everyone happy? More specifically, is is possible to have no negative reaction on a specific content? I don’t want to lie: my brain is going crazy thinking about it! I think it’s possible!

When people talk about business they often say :” if everyone loves what you do, it means that you are doing something wrong!” And everytime i’m like “what the hell are you talking about?” thinking that being loved by everyone might be possible. I really believed that. So i started to think about it. Is it possible to be appreciated by every single person?

Theroretically yes, you can be appreciated by everyone. The only thing you have to do is offer something that everyone will like. And here we are with the very first problem: the people. We alla know that we are not robot and we have different things we love and we hate: for example, there are those who love black and other may hate that colour; othey may don’t like fruit, other can’t live without it. So, there are hundreds, or even thousand, group of people with different things they love or hate.

With that in mind, it’s time to make everyone happy…and the job is not easy at all, because you have to do something that will not make ANYBODY unhappy. The key is to put everything in what you are planning to do: every kind of music, every colour, every topic and every kind of language. Can you do it? Yes, if you want that, what you are creating, doesn’t make any sense! Listen, explain me how could you do it? It’s simply imposible to put everything in just one product, first because it would be too long (because you have to talk about everything and that needs time) and also because you might jump from one thing to the other, without any kind of logical consequence. It would be like seeing what’s happen in the brain of a crazy one. In one video or post it’s absolutely impossible. But, you can still do it!

The secret is to see the bigger picture. Now, if you have a blog, you are writing several post. Instead of focusing of just one topic, which would be the wisest choice, you should start to write about different stuff, creating different categories. I don’t know, you can maybe write about food, fashion, videogame, movies and music. In this way, you can make happy almost everyone. It’s sound a good plan, isn’t it? Well, not properly, because for every single post must work very hard to make every single one of them cool, original and entertaining. Let me ask you something: how much time are you dedicating for just one topic? A lot of time, are you thinking? Well, just imagine for five or six topics? It means that 24 hours a day will not be enough anymore. And for what? For some more appreciation? It doesn’t worth the effort! Let it go!

Listen to me: accept the fact that you might not be loved by everyone and take time for yourself! The less, the better in blog! Trust me!


10 thoughts on “Can you make Everyone happy?”

  1. Making each and every person is highly impossible… So should always stay happy by ourselves and spread joy as much we can not beyond our limit… Because people are there, they wont be happy how much we try… So ignore and stay happy by ourselves is the main funda…

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  2. I think what is important is that you don’t try to please everyone, as that can really impact your happiness and health. But this was an interesting post, so thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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