What’s important in Music?

Music is for me absolutely important. I have my headphones on my head actually almost all day and it helps me both to focus and to escape for a moment from the world around me. However it’s for me almost impossible to find some good music (i hope i’m not the only one). It seems that music doesn’t want me to listen to it.

Why do i have all this problems? Because i am an idiot? well, maybe, but also i don’t think that music is doing properly well. I am one of those stupid people who need to have two thing in music: feeling and a message. A song can have both, that would be wonderful for me (like Straight Otta Compton or No Vaseline, for example), but it’s important that either i have to feel something listening that song or the artist has to say something meaningful. Otherwise is, for me, a huge waste of time and money, because music is not so cheap, after all!

I tell you that: i 2020 i bought only one song. Just one song. I know that there are lot of “great song” out there, but those songs are great for a lot of people, but not for me. Think about Hip/hop or Rap: honeslty, i am tired to hear people rapping about violence, criminality, women and alcool. Those stuff are the topic of Rap and Hip/Hop music since the 80s. Times and society are change and, more than that, there’s something more than just the underground world to talk about and honestly, i am tired to hear the same rhymes. Is out there who knows what’s “being original” means?

Dance music is another perfect example. If i listen to some dance music i expect to feel something like happiness, joy, freedom. But i can’t, because dance music is now made for clubs and to make people dance like chicken in those too noisy, dark, and sweaty places. No more feelings whatsoever, only too much bass and disturbing, boring an flat sounds. No emotion, no passion, nothing! Every time i listen to the radio or i am on iTunes it’s a nightmare…everthing is too pretictable and sound the same. These are boring times for dance music!

And the same happens for the artists. We have amazing artists, with wonderful voices, but they have always to talk abou the same things: love, pain, God and motivational messages. It’s all good, but something different? I mean, we need voices to help us to be united, some support for these hard times and that give us hope that evetything will be ok. I don’t care if you love Ice-cream, for example. Artists should be the voices of a specific historic moments and not only money machines. I know that money are important, but if you are an artist and your music is an expression of art, this art must be timeless…and it should not be created just to last only six month and then being forever forgotten!

Personally it’s a nightmare. Am i the only one who things too much, or there’s someone out there like me?


6 thoughts on “What’s important in Music?”

  1. Music is like a soothing mood booster for me many of a time… I like slow, clear music a lot whenever i want some freshness…and when i am so happy, i want to listen all disco type songs with beats…😊 Nice post ❤️

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  2. Hmm. A unique problem for sure! I like music from the 80’s/90’s and early 2000’s. The cranberries, The goo goo dolls, Abba, Avril Lavigne, Amy Winehouse, Mazzy Star, Vanessa Carlton, Angus and Julia Stone. There are some great singers and bands out there, even if only a song or two of theirs appeals to you!

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