You deserve to be loved!

“All we need is love” sang the Beatles. Even if decades are passed, the masseg is still valid: more than ever we need love and someone who loves us for real, not because he or she has to. We need that love we are not able to feel for anybody anymore.

We need to be loved by someone who looks us, like we are the rarest, most precious and incredible thing in this universe, like if he or she have found the biggest treasure ever. We deserve someone who can read our very heart and soul, knowing what we need for real, even if we don’t say any words and someone who can look in our eyes giving us tat wonderful and overwhelming feeling to be safe, wanted and protected from the entire world.

We deserve to feel that kind of love that will make us wake up with a huge smile on our faces, knowing both that next to us there’s the most precious person in the entire universe and that it will be a good day, just because we have someone who will be home, making us happy, relaxed and free like we have neven been in our lives.

We deserve a love where we are free to be ourselves in every second of our lives. We should be able to be a little bit crazy, impulsive, maybe childish running barefoot like kids through the entire house and make fun of our weaknesses without being judged or insulted for it, but beloved for our uniqueness. We need a love and a person who can help us to express ourselves without he or she does even something. Just his or her presence around us and unconditional love helps us to be better and be simply us.

We deserve a love where faith and loyalty is important like air. We need someone who we can trust more than ourselves, who doesn’t give us reason to doubt of her fidelity and we count of if we need a help, a support or just someone to talk with. More than ever we need someone we can count on: this world is too crazy to deal with alone.

And we deserve a love where we can plan our future. We need a love that wins every fear, every bad thought and uncertainty for the future and make us feel safe about every decision we make, buth personally and at work. We need a love that can help us to have an amazing family with amazing kids, that can help us to fight and we need a love that can allow us to share our time with the most amazing person we could ever meet until the end!

Do you think that we can feel this love for someone one day?


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