Beer: get drunk happily together!

I think that God has thought of the best way to make sure that humanity gets big, happily while doing it, and here we are to celebrate beer, one of the reason why men get bigger and bigger, together with the chicken wings and burgers big as Cuba.

Beer is by far, along with wine, the most consumed drink in the world. There are as many varieties as there are ants in the world, there are thousands of producers (95% of them are in Germany, probably) and too many parties (Oktoberfest is probably one of the most famous in Munich, also in Germany) to celebrate why men have to buy plus size clothes. But first, just a little background:

The earliest known alcoholic beverage is a 9,000-year-old Chinese concoction made from rice, honey and fruit, but the first barley beer was most likely born in the Middle East. While people were no doubt imbibing it much earlier, hard evidence of beer production dates back about 5,000 years to the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia.

Just to be clear: in the Middle East, Beer was inventedā€¦am i the only one who finds that fact pretty hilarious? Sometimes history might be really funny! I think it’s kinda revenge: the west invades the Middle-East and the Middle-East created something to damage western people, making them happy while doing it! Simply perfect!

But why beer is so loved? Actually it’s something that i don’t know and i have hard time to understand completely. Between all the liquid you can destroy your liver with, beer is the last option you should have in your “death list”…because this is why alcoholic drink are only made, right? to make the liver suffer, or i am wrong? I think that the reason behind so much love and consume is happiness and no dangerous whatsoever. When you think beer, you think about sport (violent sport), food (a lot of food, like Pizza or Burger) and people (laughing and loud people). Beer is the definition of being social. If you notice, if someone wants to sell you beer on tv, the TV Spot will be with lot of people, sitting together havnig a great time, maybe eating something.

Talking about food…why do we think about meat when we talk about beer? I don’t know, but as soon as somene say the word “beer” there’s someone who ask if we want to eat something. I mean, we are just getting bigger with the beer, do you really want to make us look like air-baloons? I’m in! Where do you want to go?

It’s fascinating to realise that something like that it doesn’t happen with wine, vodka or other kind of liquor or drink. Only beer gives you that feelng of joy and being part of a group. More than that, it’s the less dangerous alcoholic drink of all. Trust me. I was born in Italy and beer were pretty strong: once i drank a couple of bottles, without eating something, i started to see the world spinning around. In Germany i drink the same two beers and the only side effect i have is actually go to the bathroom much ofter than usual. If you go in Munich between the end of September and the beginning of October you will be able to drink lot of beer and you don’t get drunk, but you will probably need a toilet next to you.

What else to say: beer…get fat, bet big, be happy!


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