Fashion: The “Game-Changer” miniskirt

Probably it’s only me, but why do i have the feeling that the more women fight for their right, the tinyer are their clothes? It’s incredible, but you can actually understand how hard they fight just watching the clothes: the shorter the clothes, the harder the fight. Don’t you believe me? Well, here me out!

Think about bikini. In the beginning women at the beach had to cover as much as possible and there wasn’t a fight for their freedoms…at least not a relevant fight for the entire community. In recent years, women are fighting much harder for what they deserve and, at the same time, the swimsuit has been getting tinyer . Now, one can witness from one side “huge fight” and on the other side women wearing so small bikiny that cover just enough to avoid to face the censorship. I don’t even think we can call them bikini anymore. Basically the ladies are naked, without being naked!

For the Mini skirt is the same thing. All those smooth, skinny and long legs in summer are one of the reason why i love that time of the year. But, even this important piece of fashion is an indicator of women’s fight. In the Middle Age, skirt was long…very long…actually, the longer it was, the better! Obviously, because it had to cover the legs…something devilish at that time. Don’t ask the reason, humanity is stupid! There are legs that are actually masterpieces and they should be showed in museums, but cave man from the Middle-Age, throughout the Renaissence until the middle of 20th Century didn’t want to see them. Now, for a man it’s a glorious time, but back in the day the Catholic Church forced to think that showing skin was a sin. Once again, don’t ask why!

Then a superheroin decided to apper and change forever the way woman would have dressed in the future: Mary Quant. She did just one little, absurd, but crucial thing: wearing a skirt…a too short skirt fot the time. And it was the same time where women were fighting for rights like divorce and abortion. As i said before, the shorter and tinyer the dress, the harder and important the fight. From that moment, something so scandalous became usual and now women are “forced” to weat skirt if they have to talk with clients or must be a company’s image. Funny how much powerful little gesture really are: a woman wear a miniskirt and now it’s a must for every woman and in business.

Now every woman has at least a miniskirt in the wardrobe and some of them are so crazy that wear it even in winter, with the cold weather, snow and temperatures below zero! Today’s miniskirt are very loved…and very mini…we should actually call them “micro skirt”, because they just cover those tow specific strategical parts and nothing more. Basically Miniskirt have even become a weapon for women to be sexy and capture the prey they have on the radar. They are also pretty handy if they have to do THOSE THINGS outside…i actually thing that there’s no need to expain myself, right?

It’ incredible to see how in half a Century things can change. Now miniskirt are very loved, every brand has its own idea of miniskirt and they make lot of money with them…and men might get actually upset if women cover their legs with pants! If you think about it, it’s insane! But i love it! Better now than before…at least a woman can choose what to wear!

God bless Mary Quant. God Bless miniskirt and all the wonderful legs in the summer!


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