The “sexy” potato!

Potatoes are like women. I know that it may sound pretty weird and you can think that i’m a mashilist, because i’m comparing a woman with a vegetables, but it’s kinda true. At least, give me a shot! Then can you insult me as much as you want!

I was sleeping last night as i usually do unfortunately, and in the middle of a wonderful dream (i just tell you that i was very close to make up with Jessica Jung), when the monkey in my head told me the following phrase, waking me up basically with any kind of respect: “ehy, dummass (yes, my monkey constantly treats me like an inferior being), i was thinking…you know what? Potato are like women!” In those moment i could not believe that that stupid monkey woke me up in the middle of the night. I was pretty angry, but to be honest, he was right (yup, my monkey is a him)! I still hate him, because he could choose another moment, but i couldn’t stop thinking about all the similarities between a tuber and a miracle of the nature.

Let me tell you something: an entire universe opened up in front of my face. I am a stupid man and as a stupid man, i think not as good as a normal human being should. And that’s why probably you, if you are a woman, will not like too much what i am about to say, but i will say anyway…my space, my rules!

Potatoes are like women: they are deliciuos, there are different kind, one can’t get enough and everyone loves them. If you think about it, i am right and you can’t say something different!

I mean, between “Russet”, “Jewel Yam”, “Japanes Sweet Potato” and tenths of different kinds you can actually spends years before to tell that you have eaten all of those amazing product of the nature and tasted all those wonderful flavors. If one is a man, you might spend an enitre life before to say to “have eaten and tasted” every kind of woman you can find in this planet…and all of us fail just trying something that only a God might be able to do. So many courage and daredevils men out there who tried to achive the impossible and failed with the head held up with proud!!

Potato are delicious and everyone love them…especially fries. I mean, none of us will say i don’t like potato, both because they are insanely good and because there are so many ways you can cook them that every one of us can find a way to eat and love them (personally thought: if you don’t like fries, we are not friends). Women are exactly the same: any straight man or lesbian will say “Oh, no! i don’t like woman” and nobody will say “Oh, she tastes bad!” If you do, please let me know…i’m curios to know your experience!

There are a lot of kind and everyone loves them. Those two condition bring us to the following result: we just can’t get enough of potatoes. The more, the better! The bigger the burger, the larger the quantity of fries in the dish…It even fine for me if you don’t serve the burger or the steak, but only the fries! Oh, God can strike by lightning right now if the last two sentences can not be applied to women! As a man myself, the more woman, the funnier will be and the more i am together with a wonderful woman, the better! We men dont know the word “END” if a wonderful woman is with us…and the same one can say for fries!

It makes sense. I am sure that what i just wrote makes a lot of sense, right? Because otherwise i should go in rehab!


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