We MUST Protect Art!

In this very uncertain times, we are struggling to keep focus and governement around the world are facinf probably the biggest challenge ever. It’s not only about the Covid-19 virus right now, it’s about also people. And not the people who are suffering and dieing for it. There’s something even worse than this.

I’m talking about a specific field that is in danger of experiencing big trouble out there. And this field is art. With the measures we must comply with to ensure that the virus does not spread too much, we are forced not to be too many people in the same place. For this reason theaters, cinemas, museums, monuments must be closed and no one knows for how long. It will be a nightmare for thousands of people … and I’m not talking about the Hollywood, famous artist or celebrities, but all the people behind the scenes who make sure the magic happens when wew are watching a movie, an opra or when we are visiting the Pyramids or the Great chinese Wall.

Those ladies and gentlements lived around movies, theathral show and tourism. If people can’t go anywhere, those people don’t have a job and if they don’t have a job means that they are going to live on the street, sooner than later. More than that are hundreds of millions of dollar lost because they are not gonna pay taxes and they are not gonna buy anything more, because they don’t have any money. The longer we will not respect the simple and effective rules we have to follow, the more people will lose the job, the more money we will lose and the longer we have to see art, and not only, out of business. Because the problem will not absolutely disappear once the vaccine will be available.

Once the pandemic will be over, there will be huge consequences we have to face and it might take years just to come back to the level we have before the pandemic…and even before the pandemic the situation was not so cool, because the consequences of the 2008 financial crysis were still effected lot of countries. Unemployeed people will still be without any job, company will not magically come back in the business againg and the billions lost will be lost forever. And it’s our fault.

The reason why we are where we are is because we are just too selfish: we think about ourselves and we don’t see what’s happening around us and outside our safe four walls. We could actually be in a way much better shape if we only had done what the world was asking us to do, but we didn’t and now we must be ready, because the consequences will be catastrophic. And art will be the last field where money are gonna be invested, because first there will be job to create. I don’t even know if we were able to have art as we used to have after the virus will be gone.

It’s not looking cool for art.


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