I love (my) Italy!

I was born in Italy, i lived in Italy for 21 years and now that i live in Germany, i realised that i left my heart inthe “Bel Paese”. The bound i have with the most beautiful country in the world is something that i can actually find hard to explain in words.

Italy is special. Everyone says that, but for me it’s literally special, like for every single italian. I don’t really know what’s behind my strong feeling for the country that basocally kicked me out form everything i love the most, but i know that one day i will come back ad i will die there. It’s just insane. I should not fell that way, but i do.

Even if Italy is a mess and there’s problem everywhere, people are still there, screaming out loud that they are proud of what we are. It doesn’t matter how hard we can fight each other or how much we might hate us, if someone outside the country say something aganist Italy, you will be hell sure that we will be united to insult and attack that person, defending what we love the most: our coutry, despite everything!

I am sure like never before that Italy is the country that every single person in the world would love to have. So much to see, so much to do and so much to live. It’s no surprise that millions and millios of tourist come on vacation and left a piece of their heart in the most beautiful country in the world.

It’s impossible to resist. It’s like falling in love with an angel. How could someone not falling in love with Italy? We have the best food, the best sea, the most wonderful women, the most amazing places to visit and the best people in the world: no other popultion is more passionate, funny, lovely and charismatic than italians. Everywhere we go, even in Island, people will recognize us straight away, without even say any words. I am actually proud to see that people realised that i’m italian, becaue italian people are unique: we talk, live, moveand interact with people in a very unique way…a way that anybody in the world is able to repeat, without looking stupid or a perfect idiot!

No matter where i go or i live, i will look always for italian products. I’m not those kind of people who says “if it’ss not made in Italy, it just sucks!”, but i think it’s about the fact that Italy is my safe place and if i find even just one product i am happy, because a little piece of my home is always with me. It’s sound stupid maybe, but it helps me not to feel completely alone, even if know people and make some friends, but i can’t actually live 100% in a city if i don’t find something from my beloved Italy.

My connection with Italy it’s too strong than i want to admit. I try to repress, but i can’t anymore. Yes, i live in Germany, i ma grateful that this amazing country is helping me to start over, but i’m italian, bitches!



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