Tomato: The red Superhero!

In nature there are superheroes, that everyone loves and eat, like potatoes, for example! Between the hundreds of kind of eatable vegetable available in nature, one is by far the best…at least the one i would eat every single day: TOMATO!! I literally love tomato and i just can’t live without it! Do you think i am exaggerating? Absolutely not!

I am an italian guy! If you are not italian, you can’t actually understand. The biggest part of our magnificent, glorius and unique dishes are either based of tomato or it’s one of the most important ingredient in the recepy. The souther you drive, the often you will smell and enjoy the perfection of tomato. Between Pizza, Pasta and all the cold dishes (like caprese, for example) one can actually count easily more than thousands of recepy where tomato is used.

My experience with the red superhero started very, very, very early. I am sure that i was born with tomatoes in my hands, basically. Since when i was a toddler, my mommy used to give me to eat a sort of tomato sause with other light ingredients inside. Since that moment, tomato defines my taste and my italianity. I actually can’t live without tomatoes inside my fridge or the tomato sauce inside my pantry, because almost 80% of the thing i eat contain tomato. I would probably die starving without tomatoes.

I can’t even count how many kind of tomatoes you can find in the best most beautiful country in the world. You can actually spend years to ctalogize them and learn how and where to use them. No, in Italy, unlike the rest of the world, not every tomato are the same and they are not use in the same way, for the same thing. Absolutely not. If you go in Italy and you use a wrong tomato for the wrong dish, people will recognize it and you will be screwed. There are tomatoes for the sause, tomato for the salad and tomato for finger foods. Before to cook in “italian style” and risking to look stupid in front of italian poeple, please teach yourself and read which tomato for what kind of dish you have to use.

That’s why tomato is so loved. With all the variety and all the different flavour you can have, the possible combination are actually impossible to count. More than that, it give you all the room you need to make your creativity run. I tell you that: with only three different tomatoes, you can create a wonderful dish, full of colour and tante. Trust me! You would not need anything else!

Tomato is tradition, culture and History in Italy. If you don’t respect tomatoes, you are not respecting an entire country. It’s all good if you live outside Italy, but if you live inside, better to hide or run away and never come back!


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