Would you change your life?

This is a question that probably will have no answer, but if you had the chance to change either a decision you took or something you did in the past, without knwoing the consequences prerviously, would you do it?

We are living our lives and, no matter how bad, complicated or weird they are, they are also the results of every single action, even the most meaningless one we did form the very beginning: what would have happened if you had turned right, instead left that corner? What would have happened if you had come to that appointment five minute earlier or later that day?

I love this kind of questions…i mean, do you have any idea who many different our like might be if we made one thing istead another one? The possibility are endless. Those possibilities, however, might be tremendous or awful and we don’t know how our life might look if we changed something form the past. So, blindly, would you change something? Personally, i would not do that! For two reasons.

The first reason is that i would not do anything blindly. I actually would have no idea what to change and how to change it. Of course, i would want a better life, everyone wants it, but changing something from the past is just too risky. You have to pick the perfect moment and do something else, but what exactly do you have to do differently in that moment? Maybe a different move, a different word or maybe you should not be there in that moment? One doesn’t know! The risk to screw everything, making thing even worse is just too high. Sorry, i don’t think i would prepared to live a living nightmare, because i was too stupid to change. My life is pretty comlicated like it is right now!

Second reason. I am who i am because i made those choices in the past. I don’t regret who i am, i love who i am. Every single decision, every single move, every person i talked with and every single thing i have done, have made me who i am, creating my personality. If i change soemthing, is there any chance it changes even my personality? Of course my life and my self might be better, but that’s what i have and i love to see the glass half-full istead hafl-empty. I would rather improve my present to have a better future than come back in the past and risk everything for maybe just a slightly improvement. It’s not worthy.

Would i change something in my past? Absolutely not. WOuld you change your present? Absolutely!

What would you do?


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