“CAPRESE”: simple and Delicious!

If it’s Juli, if you are in Italy, and you are starving, but you stomach won’t allow you to take any hot and fat food, caprese salas is always the answer. Summer in Italy, like in a lot of other country in the world, is a nightmare: too hot, too humid and too long. Every day you fight to find something fresh and helpful to eat. And everytime, the caprese salad is the perfect answers. Why?

If carbonara and pizza are easy to do, even for a clumsy like me, this one is probably the easiest recepy ever created! I’m sure that behind if there must be a very, very, very, very lazy person, probably the laziest in the entire histor! Three ingredients: tomato, mozzarella, Oilve oil and Origan. Well, actually there are four ingredients, but i can’t apparently count properly.

The most amazing things about this dish is that you don’t have to cook absolutely nothing: slice the mozzarella, slice the tomato, put them together on a dish (and be creative with the composition), some drops of olive oil, a sprinkle of origan just a couple of leaves of basil as decoration and “Buon Appetito”! You don’t have to turn the gas on, you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen, only the time to slice things, and you don’t have to spend too much money and to eat and time to find the ingredients, because they are already in the kitchen.

It’s something that everyone can do! Literally everyone…if you have trouble to do that dish, you have big problems, very big problems my friend! More than that, it’s something you can always do: in every country in Europe, America, and Asia tomato are very easy to find and they are pretty cheap, mozzarella is everywhere, literally everywhere and olive oil is something so common that you can find actually even when you open the washbasin’s tap .

Caprese is simple and it’s also delicious. I mean, they are the same ingredients of pizza…with the only difference that it’s all raw. You can’t actually understand the flavour, the swettness and the perfection of this recepy if don’t eat it. It’s just insane! One says that the simpler, the better. Well, not for everything, but for Caprese it is absolutely true!

Trust me on this one: your mouth, your stomach, your mind and your sould will be happy to eat perfection in its simplicity!


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